Tractor Accessories

There are a lot of tractor accessories on the market, so I’ve chosen the ones I find most useful, or best for adding a safety feature. I’m proud to say I’ve even designed a couple myself. Take a look below to see the selection of accessories we currently carry. And come back often, as we add new ones all the time.

Tractor Caddy

Wouldn’t a really useful tractor tool box make your work hours on your land easier? How often have you found yourself at the far end of the pasture or deep in to woodlot and realized you needed a tool that was still in the barn?

After a whole life of enduring that story, I realized that a tractor mounted tool box would solve the problem. So, with the help of a local machine shop, I began to produce a tractor tool tray that really works! This tractor tool carrier is one of the tractor ROPS accessories I’m most proud to carry. Whether you’re looking for a compact tractor tool box, or something for a larger machine, the Tractor Caddy is it. Read all about it and order here.

Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch

Three point implements can be tough to hook up. Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch solves the problem easily and inexpensively. This well-designed 3 point quick hitch is installed in around 30 minutes. And once it’s on your tractor, quick hitch lives up to its name. We carry Category 1 quick hitch, and a Category 2, as well: Measure your tractor’s lower three point arm ball holes before you order. Learn more and then order here.

RhinoHide Tractor Canopy

Maybe the sun feels blazing hot. Could be it’s snowing or raining. But if you’ve got work to do around your place, you might just need to hop up on the tractor and do it anyway. RhinoHide Tractor Canopy acts like a tractor umbrella or sunshade, keeping you out of the weather.

Made of unbreakable HDPE, these canopies bend but don’t break. And it’s a ROPS canopy, easily attached or removed by just one person. They are basically a universal tractor canopy, even working as a zero turn mower canopy. Read the whole story here, and order one for yourself or for the tractor guy in your life.

Hydraulic Diverter Valve for Tractor

No hydraulic ports on the front of your tractor to power a front loader grapple or tree shear? No problem. We carry a hydraulic diverter valve kit that once installed, takes the oil flow from the motion of the loader bucket and moves to power your front mounted hydraulic implements. And it’s a premium kit, powered by a switch mounted on the tractor joystick and easily installed on most tractors. Looking for a hydraulic diverter valve for tractor and not found one you like? You can read all about the kits we carry here, and order them here, too.

LED Tractor Light Bar

This Tractor LED light bar will light up your night when you need to work late. The tractor light bar mounts right on your tractor ROPS in a fraction of second, secured by powerful magnets. The switch to this tractor work light is also magnet-mounted and runs to the battery. No more struggling to see in twilight or squinting through the glare of tractor headlights bouncing off front attachments. If you want to buy LED lights for tractors, please read all about the light bar here before you order.

Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops

A hydraulic cylinder safety stop is a must for when you’re working on the engine area of a tractor and the loader is in the way. The hydraulic cylinder is a mechanical solution that keeps the loader arms safely in the air. Made of 7 gauge metal, our hydraulic cylinder safety lock comes in three sizes, since not all loader cylinder rams are the same length. It’s a modest investment to prevent a serious injury or worse. Read here to learn how to measure your cylinders before ordering.

Fuel Boss Diesel Transfer Tanks

This truck bed fuel tank is a real backsaver! No more hauling your diesel fuel in five gallon containers out to your machinery. The diesel transfer tank comes in four sizes and have a built-in lockable pump cover. Easy lift hands on this fuel transfer tank lets you move it in and out of your truck comfortably. Ready to make your days doing chores a little easier? Read more and you can order here, too.

SawHaul Chainsaw Holders

SawHaul is a simple, but durable tractor chainsaw mount. A universal chainsaw carrier, it mounts in minutes to the frame or arms of your tractor’s front end loader without any drilling.  You can select from three different scabbard lengths to match your chainsaw blade.  And for a small extra fee, you can get the scabbard lettering in green, orange, red, blue, or yellow, to match your tractor color instead of the basic black. Read more and order here.