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“If you’re not cleaning out your radiator on a regular basis you may be killing your tractor engine”-Tractor Mike.

Tractor radiators are notorious for plugging up with debris. Unlike a car that’s traveling down the highway at road speed, a tractor is moving slowly through the field. Therefore, it has to have a big fan with a lot of suction to move air through the radiator and keep it cool. That causes a problem…that fan creates so much suction that you can quickly plug a radiator with dirt, debris, and weed seeds. Without proper cooling you can expect an expensive engine rebuild in the future. Regular use of the Radiator Genie will keep your radiator fins clean and insure a long life for your tractor engine. It’s absolutely the best tool for getting in the tight area around a tractor radiator.

The Radiator Genie package includes one wand for compressed air and a second wand for water.  Hook the compressed air model to your air compressor and blast weed seeds and dirt out of your radiator in a jiffy while keeping everything dry.  For harder jobs, hook the water wand to your garden hose to shoot a concentrated stream through your radiator fins.  It’s almost like having a pressure washer with the velocity of the water that comes out!

Keep your radiator clean and your tractor cool with the Radiator Genie!

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– Attaches to an air compressor
– Air Genie equipped with Milton Industrial Plug – M Style
– Buy the Milton 745-S if you use a different style plug
– Adjustable knob will decrease pressure by 50%
– Always On Feature

– Attaches to a standard garden hose
– Water Genie will spray 40ft on standard household pressure of 40 lbs.
– Will eliminate the need to drag out a power washer for most of your jobs.
– Adjustable knob will decrease pressure by 50%
– Always On Feature

The Radiator Genie includes both water and air cleaning wands for high efficiency cooling systems on all types of radiators:

  • World’s First Blow Out / Wash Out Kit
  • Extends the Life of Your Equipment by Keeping It Clean and Cool
  • Specially Designed Fan Head To Increase Working Width
  • Special Sized Tube to Access Confined Areas
  • Special Sized Opening To Increase Pressure


The Radiator Genie is so versatile it can be used on a variety of machines that operate in dirty outdoor environments.

Use This Radiator Wand On the Following and MUCH MORE:
Automobiles – Cars, Trucks, Motorcycles, ATV’s/UTV’s, Any Off Road Vehicle, Motorcycles, Dirt Bikes, Dirt Track Racing Cars, High Performance Racing Cars, Corvettes (talk about us on their forum), Collector Autos (to clean and detail), Boats.

Agriculture – Tractors, Balers, Combines, Grain Trucks, Poultry Trucks, Turf Machines

Industrial – Skid Steers, HVAC Systems, Fork Lifts

Construction – Road Graders, Bull Dozers, Backhoes, Trucks, Trenchers

Household – Gutters, Windows, Window Wells, Wash Cars, Water Plants, Blow Out/Wash Out Garage, Clean Dryer Vents, Maintain Your Heat and Air System

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 6 × 6 in


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