Add A Grapple

The Add A Grapple is the answer when you have many items to move around on your land and your tractor lacks a quick attach bucket. (Or you don’t want the hassle of switching implements often.)  It's a budget-conscious investment, too.

The Add A Grapple kit comes in two configurations that let you add a grapple to a tractor bucket.  One mounts on the sides and top of the front end loader bucket, and gives you a grapple bucket for tractor implement. The standard Add-A-Grapple fits loader buckets from 60" to 79" and comes in single and double grapple modes.

Want a compact tractor grapple? We carry the Mini Add-A-Grapple to fit  buckets from 36" to 55" wide with a single grapple.

The second design is a pallet fork Add-A-Grapple which slides over your pallet forks to enable you move brush and debris without having an attachment devoted to that task. It's pretty amazing what you can pick up and move with this device. Read more and order here.

Grapple Rakes

Shopping for a tractor grapple, or root grapple? Here's something to consider.

First, there are two styles you can choose from. The first looks like a clam shell, has short teeth and is a grapple "rake" for tractor. It doesn't rely on getting under the brush to move it.

The other has long forks that go under the brush; then one or two grapples clamp down on the load. I prefer the grapple rake clam shell design because you don't have to get under the brush to move it. It also seems to string fewer sticks when you're raking with it. And it takes up less space in the barn.

It's important that the the total weight of the whole grapple attachment equals less than half of the tractor’s lift capacity. Be sure to have that information ready when you go to order.  And you can save money by getting just a single grapple on the brush rake for tractor when you order. Check out all the details and order here.

Tree Shears

If your property is overgrown with trees too big to bush hog and too many to chain saw, consider these two attachments.

To cut the trees off at ground level, a tractor tree shear, or tree cutter is what you need. They’re available to cut trees and brush up to 7” or more in diameter. Some can be raised and rotated to prune unwanted limbs high up in trees. Some can be equipped with a sprayer option to apply herbicide on the newly cut stump and prevent regrowth.

When you use a tree puller attachment for tractor, the tractor's hydraulics are employed to clamp around the tree or brush and lift it out of the ground. It's a tractor mounted tree trimmer. And since you’re pulling the plant out of the ground, there’s no need for stump treating with chemicals. That  saves money and the environment. Plus, a tree puller has a low profile and can get under fences. You'll clamp on the brush and pull it right out with minimal disruption of the soil. See our mini clip tree shear and other models here before you order.

Tractor Attachments Help You Do So Much More

As you can see, adding new implements or attachments opens a door to a whole world of tasks that can easily be done with your tractor. And having the right, job-specific implement makes all the difference. Once you have a quick attach on the front of your tractor, you can mount any of these devices on your front end loader to make your tractor much more productive.

Hydraulic Valve Converter

One last point: If you're planning to add a front loader grapple or tree shear, but lack the hydraulic ports to power the implement's cylinder, we carry a kit that can solve your problem.

Our hydraulic diverter valve kit, once installed, takes the oil flow from the motion of the loader bucket and moves power to your front mounted hydraulic implements. Ours is a premium kit, powered by a switch mounted on the tractor joystick. It's easily installed on most tractors, and will allow you to do tasks you just couldn't easily do before.

Looking for a hydraulic diverter valve for tractor and not found one you like? You can read all about the kits we carry here, and order them here, too.