People Are Crazy About the Lube Shuttle System!

"Got the Lube Shuttle last week.  I love it. It's an awesome product. Wish I would have had one years ago. Thanks for bringing it to everyone's attention."  Steve R.


"We bought the Lube Shuttle from Mike, and we'll NEVER go back to the old style grease guns. Nothing to take apart; no bleeding the air out; just pull the old cartridge, push the grease to the top of the new cartridge, and screw it in. Works first time, every time. Thanks for finding and selling a quality product, Mike!"   BPCC

Lube-Shuttle Grease Guns and Grease

Lube-Shuttle Grease Guns were designed to make your life easier.

Lubricating your equipment has always been a dirty job: you hands, your equipment, your floor all end up getting greasy. Even if you know how to use a grease gun, you'll end up with tractor grease in places you don't want it. But Lube-Shuttle has created grease guns (with special Lube-Shuttle grease) that are a real game changer.

My experience with traditional grease guns is that they're a hassle. The plunger has a heavy spring and can be tough to pull. The paper grease tube won’t come out easily, and I often needed tools to yank it out of the gun. And then there’s wasted grease at the bottom of the tube. Once I've used the gun and hung it back on the shop wall, it oozes grease for months. More wasted grease, and a nasty grease slick on the floor.

Choose Your Gun Style, Choose Your Grease

We carry pistol grip grease guns, lever and electric guns, so you can choose the  style you’re most comfortable with. And we carry a number of different types of replacement grease in our Lube-Shuttle store, so you can find the best tractor grease for your needs. Plus, we offer some really helpful accessories that will make using the Lube-Shuttle even easier.

There are several reasons why I think this may be the best grease gun for tractors on the market. One of the best things about this grease shuttle is that there is no plunger. The pressure is built in, right at the top of the gun. And the grease tubes for the grease gun are threaded, recyclable plastic. It’s a quick change of grease tubes and you’re ready to work again.

The  grease tubes cost about what you’re paying now for grease. The precision guns run around $60, and are a solid small investment in keeping your expensive tractor running for the rest of your life.

More Products from Shuttle-Lube

We also carry an extra hose for the Lube-Shuttle gun, so you can get to the really-hard-to-reach places. And if you struggle to get a grease coupler all the way to the zerks, Lube-Shuttle offers the safeLOCK L, a long-reach locking grease coupler that solves the issue for any brand of grease gun. We’ve even got a grease gun quick attach to insure that your grease goes where you want it to.