“Recently, my daughter bought me a Tractor Caddy for my Kubota L2501. I’ve been a part-time tractor operator for about 15 years and I can’t believe I managed to get anything done before I got the Caddy. My goodness, it has been the most useful addition to my tractor. I live in Central Florida and have to deal with downed trees all the time. Now I can carry my chain saw, fuel and have everything I need when I leave the barn.

We love your videos, keep up the good work” – Jerry R.

The Tractor Caddy is a heavy, American-built tractor tool carrier. It’s designed to help you carry tools, supplies and other items. They are with you on your tractor when you need them, but they’re stashed safely out of the way.

The tray of this open, compact tractor tool box is all metal. It won’t accumulate water, and the mesh back aids in visibility. It’s easy to mount this tractor tool rack on most current roll bars. It includes pins that allow it to be taken off and used on other vehicles, like ATV’s.

Processing for shipping usually takes 3-5 days, depending on inventory levels.  The product is subject to changes and updates without notice.  Please send an e-mail to mike@asktractormike.com if you have questions or comments about the Tractor Caddy.

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Tractor Caddy


The Tractor Caddy: The Most Convenient Tractor Tool Box

Why buy a Tractor Caddy?
Well, have you ever been out at the far end of the pasture on your tractor and suddenly needed a tool?  

Or you need to go to the woods with your chainsaw, but there’s nowhere to carry the saw?  

Or you’re brush hogging and there’s a tree that’s a little bigger than the capacity of your cutter? But if you had a saw, you could cut it down and brush hog over it?  

That’s what I’ve experienced my whole life. Out on the tractor, needing something I wish had with me but THERE’S NO PLACE TO CARRY IT ON A TRACTOR! There wasn’t a tractor tool box. That’s when a tractor tool caddy would come in really handy.

But one day, when trying to balance the chainsaw on the operator platform, the answer to the problem hit me.  Why not design a tray that could be mounted on the roll bar?  I took the idea to a local machine shop and they immediately saw the potential. They started designing the Tractor Caddy that very day. We ran several prototypes of this tractor mounted tool box, and came up with a product that really works. 

It was obvious to us that it was something other tractor enthusiasts might like as well.  So we’re offering it for sale. The price is $199 plus shipping and the product is available now. Ordering information is below.

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Additional information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions48 × 13 × 4.5 in


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