RhinoHide Replacement Tractor Canopy Without Brackets/Hardware


Tractor Canopy Replacement

The RhinoHide ROPS canopy is made from UV protected high-density thermoplastic Ethyline (HDPE) and is tough as nails.  But, all good things can come to an end.  If your Rhinohide canopy has finally succumbed to contact with limbs and other obstructions and you need a replacement, here it is.  This is a brand new Rhinohide canopy without brackets and hardware.  Just remove your old canopy and position the new one where you want it, drill four holes, and you’re back in business, and you’ve not had to purchase the brackets you don’t really need.

Tractor Canopy Price Includes FREE FREIGHT to the Lower 48 States!

The RhinoHide Replacement Tractor Canopy

All  You  Need to Do Is Drill A Few Holes in the Shell and you have the equivalent of a new canopy!



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Additional information

Weight 24 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 38 × 6 in


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