Replacement Tractor Seats

If you have a seat that’s bolted directly to the frame of the operator area, you may have an extremely rough ride in uneven terrain. This kit may be the answer!

The Ultra Low Mechanical Suspension Seat Kit can be installed in many tractors, industrial machines, UTV’s and zero-turn lawn mowers, to vastly improve the ride quality. It can also be a direct replacement for existing suspension systems where vertical height is limited, to improve comfort, performance and productivity while ensuring that you have the smoothest ride possible.

The Ultra Low Mechanical Seat Suspension Kit features a heavy duty double spring system that provides 1″ suspension travel when properly installed. An easy-to-adjust ergonomic weight control knob is conveniently located under the seat and enables the operator to tailor the ride to the operator’s weight and field conditions.

If you’re tired of the rough ride of your machinery, get the KM Ultra Low Mechanical Suspension Seat Kit!

Do You Need a Replacement Tractor Seat?

Tractor seats take a beating.

Stored out in the elements, dark or black seats absorb heat from the sun which, over time, breaks down the vinyl.  And if you like to stash wrenches and pliers in your back pockets and then sit down, it’s really easy to slit the material.  And a gash in the seat lets rainwater in, and the rot starts.  Soon you’re sitting on bare metal and missing, or damp, foam and you dread riding on your tractor.

If your seats have seen better days, you need  premium quality replacement tractor seats to address these issues and keep you comfortable. And new tractor replacement seats get you sitting back in the proper position for the long hours you spend on your tractor.

If you’re looking for tractor seat replacement for John Deere tractor seats, Kubota tractor seats, Ford tractor seats, universal tractor seats or even vintage tractor seats, you’ve found the right place.

Our replacement tractor seats for sale include:

  • John Deere tractor seat replacement
  • New Holland tractor replacement seats
  • Replacement Kubota tractor seats
  • Mahindra tractor seats
  • Massey Ferguson tractor seats
  • Kioti tractor seats
  • Case tractor seats
  • Yanmar tractor seats

Our aftermarket tractor seats also include:

  • High back tractor seat
  • Farm tractor seats
  • Low back tractor seat
  • Replacement tractor seat cushions
  • Compact tractor seats