SawHaul – The Original Tractor Chainsaw Holder



  • Safely carries a chainsaw on a tractor
  • No drilling required to install
  • Scabbard is UV protected plastic to shield your chain
  • Mounts in minutes
  • American made
  • Available with scabbards for up to 20″, 28″, or 30″ saw blades
  • Standard mount fits loader frames up to 7 3/4″ wide and 3″ – 5″ deep, large mounts fit loader frames up to 12″ wide and 4″ – 6″ deep
  • “SawHaul” lettering available in standard black, or, for $5 extra, letters come in green, orange, red, blue or yellow
  • Works on any tractor with a front end loader, with a cab or without

Have you ever wished you had a chainsaw holder for your tractor? If you haul it in the bucket, it could bounce out and get run over by the tractor and if you haul it in the operator area, it could keep you from reaching the pedals in an emergency. The answer is SawHaul, a simple, but durable tractor chainsaw mount. Sawhaul is a universal chainsaw carrier that mounts in minutes to the frame or arms of your tractor’s front end loader. Just attach the chainsaw scabbard for your tractor with the included U-bolt and hardware in the kit without any drilling. The chainsaw tractor mount is all American-made and includes a proprietary UV protected plastic scabbard to shield your chain. The kit includes the SawHaul Chainsaw Mount, scabbard, the tractor mounting kit, complete installation hardware, and instructions.  With SawHaul you can safely carry your chainsaw wherever you go on your tractor.

There are three different scabbard lengths to match your chainsaw blade.  Get the 20″ for smaller bars, for the bigger saws you’ll need a 28″ or 30″ scabbard.  Make sure to measure your saw before ordering.  Also, Sawhaul comes in basic black, but for a small extra fee, you can get the scabbard lettering in green, orange, red, blue, or yellow, to match your tractor color.

Before ordering, measure the location where you’ll mount Sawhaul.  Most smaller tractors have mounting areas up to 7 3/4″ wide and 3″ 5″ deep and require the standard option.

DEERE OWNERS NEED TO NOTE THIS CLOSELY!!!  Deere 330R series models and up, and higher horsepower tractors of all brands may require the large kit which fits mounting areas up to  12″ wide and 4″- 6″ deep. Please measure the area where you’ll be mounting Sawhaul before ordering. We’re sorry, but we can’t absorb the cost of freight on exchanges if a larger kit is needed after the order has been shipped.

Sawhaul is a great invention for the tractor owner, and it’s also available for Polaris UTV’s bucket trucks and man-lifts.  Keep your chainsaw with you wherever you go with SawHaul!

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Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 6 × 12 in

20", 28", 36"

Standard-Fits Loader Frames up to 7 3/4" wide and 3"-5" deep, Large-Fits Loader Frames up to 12" wide and 4"-6" deep

Black (base price), Blue ($5 Extra), Green ($5 Extra), Orange ($5 Extra), Red ($5 Extra), Yellow ($5 Extra)


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