What’s an Add-A-Grapple?

If you have to remove brush, but you don’t want the expense of a grapple, or don’t have a quick attach bucket, the add a grapple is your answer.

Grapples are a great tool for moving a lot of items. Is there brush down in your forest that you want to clear?  A log you need to pick up to chainsaw? Or maybe you want to move fence posts around. Having a way to clamp down on the load makes the job so much easier. And the way to grab those loads is with a grapple.

But what if your tractor doesn’t have a quick attach bucket? Or maybe you don’t want the hassle of switching implements often. Or your budget simply won’t allow for the purchase of a grapple. No worries - we’ve got the solution.

Add-A-Grapple is the Answer!

The Add A Grapple is a device that mounts on the sides and top of the loader bucket. You add this grapple to the tractor bucket and now  you’ve got yourself a grapple for your tractor.(See my installation video here.)

I am so pleased with this grapple bucket solution that I offer eight models that fit tractors of different sizes.

Here’s what we carry:

The Single Add-A-Grapple

This Add-A-Grapple for compact tractor fits buckets between 60”- 79” inches in width, and is an easy and affordable way for compact and utility tractor owners to be outfitted with a grapple. This unit is recommended for 50 HP tractors and under. The grapple for loader bucket portion can be removed for loader work while the mount stays in place.

The Double Add-A-Grapple

The double also fits buckets between 60”- 79” inches in width, and gives you twice the grabbing surface, with two grapple sections that cover nearly the whole bucket. The double grapples allow for picking up smaller loose material and will also clamp down on an uneven load.

The Single Add-A-Grapple for Subcompact Tractors

With this loader bucket grapple, even subcompact tractors of 26 HP and under can be used for moving brush, posts, gravel loads and more. And you can always remove the grapple portion when you need to do loader work. The mount stays in place.

Add-A-Grapple Small

This grapple fits buckets that are between 45” and 63”. Designed for tractors 50Hp and under, it is particularly good for moving rocks around. The mount stays in place when you remove the grapple for bucket work.

An Adjustable Model for Pallet Forks

You can turn your existing pallet forks into a grapple with this model. Just slide your forks into the grapple frame and you’ve got a functioning grapple at a fraction of the cost of a stand-alone grapple for tractor. With three height settings, you can secure everything from a single log to 74” diameter round hay bale.

Pallet Fork Add-A-Grapple

This will fit forks that are 4” wide or narrower. Two fork positions are available: one lets you clamp the grapples against the forks; the other bypasses the forks for smaller loads. It’s a great solution for moving limbs, logs, and brush. It’s also very handy when cutting pipes or logs, saving bending over and avoiding the risk of getting the chainsaw blade stuck in the ground.

The “Mini” Version for Pallet Forks

With an easy-on/easy-off design and a weight of only 112 lbs, this unit was built for smaller compact and subcompact tractors. It mounts to the slotted rail of the pallet forks and locks into place. If you have a small tractor and you own pallet forks, now you can have a grapple, too.

A Grapple Solution for Backhoes and Large Volume Buckets

With an extra-wide 49” opening and built to fit 80” to 100” wide buckets, this unit has curved tines for a wider grip and easier release of material. This is our heaviest grapple and works for backhoes, telehandlers and other large equipment.

Add A Grapple to Your Skid Loader

Built for buckets 68” to 90” wide, it opens to 39” and features curved tines. The gussets follow the contours of the tines, adding strength.

Front Tractor Hydraulics

The Add-A-Grapple requires hydraulic flow to function. If your tractor is not equipped with front bucket remote hydraulic connections, they can be added to most loaders by ordering the MP020 X-tra Valve Kit here.