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While hosting the Tractor Mike YouTube Channel, and reading every question and comment that gets posted, it became very clear that many people who are shopping for their first tractor end up having a bad experience.  Between not being exactly sure what they need, to trying to know whether to trust the dealer, to not understanding tractor lingo, etc., there are a lot of things that can intimidate the first time tractor buyer.  I hope, through my videos, that I have helped many of you through the educational process about tractors in general, to select the right size, to find a good dealer, to get the right attachments, and so on.  I thought there was a need to take it to the next level, and to put all of the advice I can offer in one place, in an e-book to help take the stress out of tractor shopping.  I actually look forward to going out and looking at tractors, but I’ve been in the business for almost 30 years, as a factory rep, as a dealer, and now as a YouTube video creator.  My goal was to put all of my knowledge in one manual, to help new tractor shoppers negotiate a great deal, and come away from the experience without a lot of stress and with a good relationship with a dealer who will take care of them.


The Guide is chock full of useful hints and tips. Here’s a peek:

  • I explain how to choose the right dealership, what to expect when you arrive, and how to determine if you want to do business with this dealership.
  • I’ll show you how to negotiate effectively on price, using my years as a tractor salesman to offer you insider advice on this process. I’ll help you save money!
  •  How to decide what brand of tractor to buy. (Hint: it’s not the tractor you need to focus on, it’s the dealership.) I offer a list of the mainstream tractor choices in the US.
  • Want to buy used? (I’ve got tips for how to choose a used tractor.)
  • Basic tractor or deluxe? (We look at the options you might want.)
  • Do you need four wheel drive? (Maybe. Learn when and why.)
  • Do you need a front end loader? (Be sure to get one! I explain why.)
  • Which transmission to choose. (It’s complicated, but I walk you through the choices.)
  • What about tires? (There are three types to choose from, but one is superior.)
  • What are quick attach loaders and quick attach buckets. (This one causes immense confusion, but I clear that up for you.)

Other tractor options the Guide discusses include:

  • Tilt wheel (available on deluxe models and I never use mine.)
  • Folding Roll Bar. (You need this, and I’ll tell you why. Ditto for the Extendable Lower Link Arms.)
  • Economy PTO. Thumbs down, and I offer a reason.

I also cover such items as cabs (worth the money), seat types, and canopies. (A must if you don’t have a cab. I carry the Rhinohide Canopy on my site, and recommend it highly.)
There are a number of other options I talk about; most worth your investment, but some not. You’ll know what to consider when you’re at the dealership.

I also walk you through a selection of implement types and uses. You may want to buy attachments when you purchase your tractor, but  it helps to know which ones you actually need.


“Thank you so much for the time you’ve taken to give good advice on the purchase of a tractor. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and would recommend it not only to novice buyers but people like me who grew up on a farm and know a thing or two about tractors.” – Randall Harless



  • Q: $29.95 for a book…are you insane?  There’s a way to get it for free.  After you order, we’ll e-mail you a coupon code for $29.95 off your next purchase of $250 or more from my Tractor Fun Store, good for one year.  I’m glad to essentially give you the book for free in exchange for you becoming a customer.
  • Q: I just entered my order and haven’t received a link to download the book…did you get it?  A: Sometimes it takes 30 minutes to process…you’ll get an e-mail with instructions shortly.
  • Q: Do you sell hard copies of the book?  A: No, I’m sorry.  Because I don’t expect huge volumes of sales because it is such a targeted subject matter it doesn’t make sense to incur the publishing expenses.  Unless the demand exceeds what I think it will be, it’ll be available as a download only.
  • Q: I’ve never downloaded a book…will it hurt? A: I never have either, but they tell me it won’t hurt.  I use a service called BookFunnel and they seemed to have worked all of the kinks out of the process, even for non-tech guys like me.
  • Q: Couldn’t I just watch your videos and not have to buy the book?  A: There’s some stuff in the book that I may never cover in the videos.  Mostly about pricing and negotiation.
  • Q: I’ve lived on a farm and bought multiple tractors…is there anything in the book for me?  A: Probably not.  You might pick up a couple of tips that help you in future purchases, but it’s really targeted to the core group of my viewers…folks who have moved to the country and are shopping for a tractor for the first time.

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7 reviews for An Insider’s Guide To Purchasing A Tractor E-Book

  1. Paul Prather

    I read the book twice. There is some really good tips and tricks for negotiating that will save me hundreds.

  2. Austin Martin

    5 minutes into reading Tractor Mike’s book I already had learned how to save THOUSANDS of dollars $$$ in my tractor purchases. Mikes experience makes the complicated process of buying your first (or next) tractor much simpler.

  3. Richard Kniss

    This website look really good. Man knows what he is talking about.

  4. Steve Landon

    Highly recommended as an invaluable resource and worth every cent! I had been doing a lot of tractor research on the internet when I ran into Tractor Mike and his book. I learned years ago that anytime you can get a book or similar information from someone with extensive knowledge and experience on a subject you know little about, then it is well worth it. Tractor Mike brought wisdom and expertise together into one source versus bits and pieces about tractors that I had been picking up on my own. You will not regret it.

  5. Shane Garner

    Really a great book. I’m a first time tractor buyer and this book gave me a lot of insight. It covers tractor types, implements, dealers, and even some thoughts on financing from the dealer versus financing from the bank. I thought the process would be akin to buying a car. While there are similarities, there are some really important differences that Mike explains. I plan on reading parts of the book a second time here in the next week or so in order to prepare to buy my first tractor.

  6. David Dickinson

    I ordered Mike’s book and received it right away. I read it over the next 2 days. It’s a quick and easy to read book but full of wisdom. I contacted my dealer to begin negotiating my first tractor purchase. Mike’s tips on negotiating saved me over $1,100 and the dealer threw in some extras (fuel and free delivery). This book had a HUGE return on it’s investment, just from the negotiations chapter. I highly recommend this book! Thanks Mike!

  7. Kevin

    Tractor Mike, I love your videos but no where on the web-site/advertisement does this say it’s an Ebook. My computer won’t download the book. I expected a physical book, not a download that I can’t access.

    • Tractor Mike


      I’m sorry for the inconvenience! I’ve added the word “E-Book” to the title to make it more clear that it is a download only. I’ll e-mail you a PDF copy of the book, hopefully that’ll get you going on the right track toward a tractor purchase.


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