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A Quick Note From Mike

I started the Tractor Mike website to assist both new and experienced tractor owners in learning all the basics about tractors, from purchasing tractors and implements to safety.

To help the process, I wrote a book - An Insider's Guide to Purchasing a Tractor. 

In today's uncertain economy we're all looking for the best value for our dollars. This book can help educate about the tractor market, and help you save money on your tractor purchase.

On our site you’ll find a wealth of videos and blog posts that cover all the facets of tractor ownership and usage. After 20+ years working in ag dealerships and a lifetime on the farm, I’ve got a lot to share with you.

You’ll also find a wide variety of products for farm and home for sale in my Tractor Fun Store. I’ve tested all of these products myself, and even designed a couple of them!

We're always adding new products and videos, so come back often to see the latest!


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An Insiders Guide To Purchasing a Tractor

LED Zero Turn Light Bar

No more mowing in the dark!

Universal Tractor Light Bar

Tractor work in the dark just got a whole lot safer

Country Road Safety Light Kit

Stay safe on dark roads with these handy bright lights


From One Rural Landowner to The Rest of Us:
A Commitment to Products We’ll Use

With so many products on the market, we do a lot of testing and research to be sure that items we offer on this site will be of use and value to our viewers.

From tractor accessories to grease guns and sprayers, I test what I can on my acreage and in my tractor barn. Plus, I know a number of my suppliers personally, and feel quite confident in what they manufacture. So whether you’re looking to buy implements and attachments, the latest quick attach conversion kits or newly designed sprayers that put the old ones to shame, you’ll find products that you can trust and use with confidence.

Of course, the RhinoHide Tractor Canopy is one of our best sellers, because it just makes sense to have a removable, flexible cover to protect you when you’re out in all sorts of weather doing your land tasks.

Pat’s Quick Hitch has proven to be the magic charm for hooking up three point implements with ease. It’s a truly universal solution, made with the only spring loaded latch system on the market. And it’s built of quality hot rolled steel, and made right here in the USA.

We carry a 3 point sprayer in three sizes, and all of them are built to hug the back of your tractor for exceptional stability. With features like a built-in flush tank and pallet fork holes in the sprayer frames, plus a wide tank lid opening for easy cleaning, each three point sprayer offers convenience and safety not found in other brands. Need a boom? We carry one to fit all three sizes.

Tractor Attachments You'll Use For Years

And if we’re talking tractor attachments, we have a selection that includes five types of the add-a -grapple tractor grapple and a grapple bucket. Recent additions to our lineup include several models of tree shear for tractor and tree puller, plus a hydraulic diverter valve kit that will allow you to run front end attachments even if you lack hydraulic ports at the tractor’s front end.

Looking for a tractor quick attach? The Kubota Quick Attach Conversion Kit is in high demand, as is the Kubota Quick Attach Bucket. But if you need a John Deere Quick Attach, we’ve got that, too. In fact, we carry Q/A kits for nearly 2 dozen brands and models of tractors.

Tools and Tractor Add-Ons That Make Sense

My favorite grease gun is also a big seller, because it just works so darned well. The Lube Shuttle Grease Gun comes in three styles and makes lubing fast, clean and easy. We carry a variety of grease products for it, too. You’ll wonder how you managed without it!

And I’m proud to say I helped design a tractor tool box that puts an end to the hassle and danger of loose tools bouncing around in the cab. The Tractor Caddy attaches to your roll bar and holds whatever you need to work out on your place, from chainsaw to spare parts.

We also offer you helpful items like a tractor cup holder, the Radiator Genie, and Speedbinders, a dandy new product that lets you secure your chains safely and quickly with a cordless drill or impact.

Visit the Tractor Fun Store to find all these products and more.