LED warning lights add safety if you live in a rural area and drive tractors, harvesting equipment or ATV’s or UTV’s on county roads. This kit will help you be visible to traffic and increase safety. The five lights included in the kit help improve visibility of slow-moving or disabled vehicles. They are also helpful to illuminate a work area.  They can be used inside and out, and were designed for the rigors of farming applications.

The battery operated LED rotating beacon light can be used for a number of things. Put it on the top of your tractor roll bar, on your combine grain bin, or on the top bar of your UTV to greatly increased the chance that oncoming cars will see you. The kit also includes two clear lights and two  dual-purpose amber lights that can be programmed to flash to alert oncoming traffic of your presence. They also work as a solid light source for maximum illumination of a work or emergency area.  All five lights have strong magnets to mount on any metal surface, require 4 AA batteries, and are weatherproof and can be used inside or out.

LED Warning Lights Are Also Good for Emergency Lighting

This light kit is excellent for moving a machine down a country road, but it also can be used in an emergency situation. If you a mechanical issue and have to pull off in an area unsafe because of darkness or heavy traffic, place the beacon on top of your vehicle. If you are on a curve, place the beacon up the road a few yards. Then, attach the flashing light on the side that is facing the road. Once you have the first light secured,  you can either use the second flashing light for greater visibility to traffic, or press it down once to change the settings to continuous shine for your own personal, magnetized flashlight. For maximum utilization, carry a clear and amber light in your car and the other set in your pickup. They’re also perfect for horse trailers, boats and boat trailers, RVs, ATV’s and UTV’s, or for first responders wanting to illuminate emergency areas.

Each light is equipped with strong magnets, carries a two year limited warranty, and requires 4 double AA batteries.  Folks that have them report that they’re constantly finding new uses for them around the farmstead.

Country Road Safety/Illumination Light Kit Including Beacon and 4 Dual Function Solid Lights/Flashers


The Country Road Light Kit


1 x HF20RL Amber LED Battery Operated, Magnetic Beacon (takes 4 x AA)

2 x HF18A-PHD Amber LED Battery Operated,  Magnetic Safety Flasher (takes 4 x AA)

2 x HF18W-PHD White LED Battery Operated, Magnetic Safety Flasher (takes 4 x AA)

All these LED lights are considered Hazzard Safety Flashers



Perfect for:

  • Tractors
  • Harvesting Equipment
  • Slow Moving Trailers
  • Hayrides
  • ATV’s
  • UTV’s
  • Horse Trailers
  • First Responders

LED 2 Function Safety Flashers

These reliable safety flashers feature 18 highly visible, super bright LEDs that can be seen up to 1 mile away! They can be attached securely to the back of a vehicle, truck, car, trailer, emergency vehicle etc. with built in magnets. The 18 LED lights can be set to flashing or steady lights.

LED Rotating Beacon

This bright and vibrant rotating beacon comes equipped with a 25 lb. pull magnet so it sits securely on your tractor roll bar, brush hog, lawn mower, boat trailer, RV/Camper, or any other vehicle/attachment that might be hard to notice when driving down a road at night. The beacon is battery operated (Takes 4 AA Batteries,) has an adjustable rotation speed, and is all weather resistant.

  • Use for any emergency situation – at home or on the road
  • All weather resistant
  • Will flash for up to 32 hours (or more) with 4 AA alkaline batteries
  • Each light requires 4 X AA batteries
  • All lights have a 2 year limited warranty

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 9 × 8 in


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