Hydraulic Diverter Valve For Tractor


The model MP020 Tractor Diverter valve kit fits most tractors with hydraulic flow of up to 13 GPM (most compact and utility tractors)

The model MP010 fits most tractors with hydraulic flow of up to 24 GPM (larger tractors) 

Kit Includes:

  • Solenoid Valve
  • 12 Fittings
  • Wiring Harness and Switch
  • Mounting Brackets and Hardware Kit
  • Weighs 18 lbs

Kit DOES NOT Include:

  • Hoses to front auxiliary hydraulics
  • Hoses from valve to tilt and curl circuit
  • Front quick attach fittings

Included in the kit is the valve, wiring harness and fittings that come out of the valve. What is NOT included are 3/8″ hoses and quick connects that lead from the valve to the front of the tractor and from the valve back to the tilt and curl circuit.  Since the lengths of those hoses will vary from tractor to tractor, they are not provided, but they can easily and economically be secured in pre-cut lengths, along with quick release fittings, from many farm supply stores.

Having the Xtra Valve opens up a whole new world of front mounted implements possibilities for your tractor and can be installed in an afternoon with basic tools and knowledge of hydraulics.

“Thanks Mike, the unit works great so far! Thanks for letting the world know about it. I have looked at others but found this one to be more to my liking.”   J.R., Oregon

“I just wanted to give you a little feedback on the mp020 hydraulic valve I purchased from you. I installed the valve on my John Deere Sunday and used it to move logs and limbs from a hickory tree. It worked like a charm with the new grapple!”  Brian

Xtra Valve Kit Installation Guide

If you’ve ever wanted to run a front loader grapple or a tree shear, and lacked hydraulic ports at the front of the tractor to power the implement’s cylinder, this hydraulic diverter valve kit is for you.  It’s a premium tractor diverter valve powered by a switch mounted on your tractor’s joystick.

Once installed, it diverts the flow of oil from the tilt and curl of the loader bucket to auxiliary ports; which can power front mounted hydraulic implements.  The MP020 easily installs on most tractors with up to 13 gallons per minute hydraulic flow, which includes the bulk of compact and utility tractors, with minimal tools and without disassembling the tractor’s hydraulic system.  If your tractor puts out 13-24 gallons per minute, choose the MP010 option in the drop down menu (and yes, the smaller model number fits bigger tractors and vice versa…I’m not sure why).

The valve mounts on the side of the loader.  To get hydraulic flow, you’ll need to disconnect the hoses that lead to the front bucket tilt and curl circuit and connect them to the valve.  Out of the valve will come two circuits, one that will connect back to the bucket tilt and curl, the other that will lead to quick attach connectors (not supplied in the kit) on the front of the tractor.  Then, an electrical circuit will tap into the tractor’s wiring to provide power to a switch on the joystick that diverts the flow of oil.

Here’s an example how the system functions on a grapple.  The tractor driver would drive into the brush pile and push and hold the button on the joystick-mounted switch.  That diverts the flow of oil from the bucket’s tilt and curl to the auxiliary circuit, which would be attached to the grapple.  By moving the joystick to one side, the grapple would clamp down on the brush pile.  Releasing the button keeps the grapple clamped on the load but changes hydraulic flow back to the bucket tilt and curl so the load can be raised and tilted as normal.  When moved to the desired location, the bucket can be tilted forward, the button pushed and the joystick moved in the opposite direction from when clamping down, the grapple will raise and the load will be released.  In other words, any time the second, auxiliary circuit is required, all you have to do is push in the button, when it is released everything functions as normal.

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Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 10 × 10 in

For Tractors up to 13 GPM (most compacts and utility tractors), For Tractors 13-24 GPM (larger tractors)


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