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The Tractor Caddy: The Most Convenient Tractor Tool Box…NOW IMPROVED!!!

When we first came out with the Tractor Caddy in 2017, we solved a problem for a lot of people.

Have you ever been out at the far end of the pasture on your tractor and suddenly needed a tool?

Or you need to go to the woods with your chainsaw, but there’s nowhere to carry the saw?

Or you’re brush hogging and there’s a tree that’s a little bigger than the capacity of your cutter? But if you had a saw, you could cut it down and brush hog over it?

That’s what I’ve experienced my whole life. Out on the tractor, needing something I wish had with me but THERE’S NO PLACE TO CARRY IT! There wasn’t a decent-sized tractor tool box.  So we designed a tray that could be mounted on the roll bar and the positive comments rolled in.  Many other people had the same issue with tractor storage that I had and they marveled at why no one had come up with a tractor tool storage device.  We sold hundreds of them, but not everyone loved all aspects of it.

First, it was hand spray painted.  If the paint were completely allowed to cure, it would stick to the shipping package.  I was not happy that many customers reported having to repaint their new product.  The Tractor Caddy is now powder coated.

Second, it had expanded metal in the bottom.  I personally hate expanded metal, it’s heavy, and the sharp edges can cut you, but we needed a way to economically build the Caddy and have it be able to drain rainwater.   The new Tractor Caddy is stamped steel and has numerous drain holes.

The old Caddy was removable, held on with clevis pins.  It tended to rattle, and since most people never removed it, they usually would find some bolts and permanently attach it to the brackets.  That’s what I did with mine.  Having a removable tray sounded good, but in practice, once it’s on, you’ll never take it off anyway, so it might as well be bolted on.

This new Caddy checks all of the boxes and it just looks more modern.  It’s the perfect next generation of the product and it’s available now for immediate shipping.

NOTE: Tractor Caddy brackets will not fit roll bars that angle closer together toward the top, without major modifications.  It will not fit Ventrac!  If the roll bar rises at a right angle from side-to-side, it will fit and it will also fit roll bars that angle from front to back or from back to front.  It will not fit round roll bars.

“Recently, my daughter bought me a Tractor Caddy for my Kubota L2501. I’ve been a part-time tractor operator for about 15 years and I can’t believe I managed to get anything done before I got the Caddy. My goodness, it has been the most useful addition to my tractor. I live in Central Florida and have to deal with downed trees all the time. Now I can carry my chain saw, fuel and have everything I need when I leave the barn.
We love your videos, keep up the good work” – Jerry R.


  • American made
  • Powder coat paint for long lasting durability, even when stored outside
  • Solid, one-piece design, with drain holes
  • Light, but strong, for easy mounting
  • Box dimensions: outside length 48″, outside width 13″ inside height 3 7/8″
  • New improved mounting brackets for universal fit
  • Indentations in sides for carrying long items such as pole saws, shovels, rakes and hoes
  • Tray is solidly mounted to brackets for less noise during tractor operation
  • Price now includes freight to lower 48 states (other items in cart may charge freight)!
  • Not designed for pets or humans, DO NOT PUT YOUR KID UP THERE!!!
  • Secure your items in place to keep them from bouncing out, or coming down on you in the case of a tractor rollover.

The Tractor Caddy is an American-built rollbar-mounted tool carrier. It’s designed to help carry tools, supplies and other items. They are with you on your tractor when you need them, but they’re stashed safely out of the way. We’ve gotten requests for a tool box for Kubota  and Deere tractors, and this caddy fits any brand of tractor with a roll bar.

The Tractor Caddy tool box is stamped metal. It won’t accumulate water, and the pre-cut diamonds aid in visibility. It’s easy to mount this tractor tool rack on all current roll bars.  The Tractor Caddy can carry your chainsaw as well as other tools safely, no need to worry about it bouncing off and being run over.

And by the way, if you are looking for a way to keep cool in the summer and dry in the wet weather, take a look at our  RhinoHide Tractor Canopy. Another convenient and useful tractor accessory you’ll wonder how you did without!  The Tractor Caddy and Rhinohide Canopy are great companions and can be mounted together in most applications.

John H. of Bethel, N.C. offers  an in-the-field review of his new Tractor Caddy.

Got it a few weeks ago.

Today I went back to the woods behind my cropland to work on setting up the shooting range I’ve been wanting for a good while now.  I’ve already got a big dirt berm made; hired a guy with an excavator a while back todo that.  Today I set up yardage markers, and cut back light brush and low-hanging branches that would be in the way.  The list of things I took with me to accomplish those jobs:

  • 10 yardage marker signs I made, about 2½ feet tall
  • a hand-held sledge hammer and a small block of wood
  • a couple of tape measures
  • a kite string reel (to mark out a straight line 100 yards long)
  • a set of loppers
  • an 8-foot battery-powered Greenworks pole saw, bungeed in the front-to-back direction on top of the Tractor Caddy, and steadied by
  • hand when needed
  • a DR trimmer mower (like a weedeater on steroids, on wheels) on a pallet, bungeed to the pallet forks frame

Now, before the Tractor Caddy there was no way I could take all that various and sundry stuff back to the woods in one trip, using only the tractor. I would have had to carry the signage stuff in my Grand Cherokee, do that work, then come back to the house (about a half-mile drive), load the brush-and-branch-cutting equipment on the tractor — the pole saw was harder to carry before the Tractor Caddy was installed — and then go back there the second time and do that part of the work.  A pain in the you-know-where, having to split things up like that.  And a time waster.

But today I was able to take everything back there and get everything done in one trip, with just the tractor.  It was really nice to be able to combine different types of jobs, finally — thanks to the Tractor Caddy!

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Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 13 × 4.5 in

5 reviews for The New & Improved Tractor Caddy Tool Box

  1. Jacky W Campbell

    The Tractor Caddy seems robust and strong, but fit and finish are not what I expected. For instance, the mounting brackets were packaged while the paint was still wet on them, so that they were stuck together in the box. I had to take a hammer and pry bar to get them apart, further damaging the finish. It also appears to me that the tray portion of the Tractor Caddy is not square, so that one end sits on top of both mounting brackets evenly, while the other side of the tray sits off of the bracket at the rear (in fairness, this could be a result of my work mounting the brackets and will not prevent using the caddy). Finally, I was unable to use the pins to secure the tray to the mounting brackets, as I could only get one side of the tray at a time to line up the holes in the mounting brackets with the holes in the steel mesh of the tray so that the pins could be inserted. I resorted to using small bolts that would fit through the steel mesh openings to secure the tray. All in all my issues are/were relatively minor and will not affect the usefulness of the Tractor Caddy. I would certainly rather have the caddy than not.

    • Tractor Mike


      Thank you for your input, I apologize for these issues. I’m addressing the paint issue with the supplier. I’ve not heard of an issue with the holes lining up, but we’ll consider that when doing our next product evaluation. Thank you for your business and for taking time to review the product.

      -Mike Wiles

  2. Jeffrey P Hansen

    Mike, I got the light from you just wanted to let you know that it makes nighttime day when I flip the switch. Now moving on to the tractor caddy do you think you are going to be running a X Mass sale on that? I would like to get one for my 45 hr New Holland I think it’s a T 15 30 It sits in the garage.

  3. Michael Brennan

    This Tractor Caddy is just what the doctor ordered. Well made and easy to install. I used a level across the roll bar brackets to line them up properly. My only concern, and this is speculation at this point, is that the clamping attachment relies on friction to keep it in place on the roll bar. Substantial weight placed in the Caddy could possibly cause the rear to tilt downwards with vibration over time requiring frequent readjustment. My use will include stowing a chainsaw, felling tools and heavy log chokers so I fabricated an additional bolt-on strut which should prevent any tendency to sag. It’s been in service for several weeks now and I love it.

  4. Robin

    Bought this tray a couple of years ago. It has made it so much easier toting things like my chain saw and chain around. I never forget they’re in the bucket now.

  5. Brian

    Overall I’m disappointed in the Tractor Caddy. Great idea, but not executed great. First, I guess I have the first roll-bar it won’t fit (and be usable). I have a canopy on my tractor, and there is no way to mount it directly to the roll bar and it be usable. It will be very near the top of the roll bar and would be difficult to get items in and out (no way to open a cooler without removing it). I ended up mounting it through the roll bar pivot plate (mine is welded so no issue – but this would not work otherwise.) This caused a couple problems. One, the pivot plate pushes the rack further back away from the roll bar, thus affecting how it mounts to the expanded metal. Second, the front side of the brackets are not touching the roll bar since the pivot plate is wider. I have them as tight as I can get them, and the rack will still tilt down with significant pressure. Third, with the mounting pushed back, the angle iron does not reach the rear of the rack. This will likely break the expanded metal as it sits near the middle of the metal where it is not supported.

    One quality issue I see is that the expanded metal is not welded to the front of the rack, not only will this rattle like crazy and be annoying, but it is a weaker design and any significant loading will pull the metal away from the front lip of the rack – eventually causing major issues I would think. That’s an easy fix that should be changed in the production process.

    The heads of the removable pins are smaller than the expanded metal openings on the rack (it should be provided with both pins and bolts if you don’t want it removable). The rubber washer will help, but since they are pins and not bolts, the vibration and bouncing will eventually pull the pins through I would think. Maybe those with these on for a while haven’t had that problem, hopefully so.

    To make this work long term I’ll have to do several things. Buy, cut, drill, paint longer angle iron so it mounts the full depth of the rack. I will also weld some smaller angle on the bottom of the rack on the back, where there is none, for durability. Buy some bolts to mount the rack to the angle. Make some spacers to place between roll bar and mounting brackets to try to get a more structurally stable mount. For $300 I shouldn’t have to do most of that. The description should be modified to warn that it may not be usable with tractors with a canopy.

    I have pictures of the mount that I can provide, but don’t see how to post them here.

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