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Tractor Mike: “I’ve always wished my tractor had a canopy but since I operate in the woods a lot of the time and would tear it up on limbs, that’s not been an option…until now!”

RhinoHide Tractor Canopy For Comfort and Ease of Use

A tractor canopy is great to have in the hot summer months. It’s your basic tractor sunshade. It keeps the operator much cooler and out of the dangerous rays of the sun. Plus, a canopy acts as a tractor umbrella, offering some protection from unexpected rain storms.

But a canopy can be in the way and subject to damage much of the time, especially if the tractor is being used in a tight space or in wooded areas. They also tend to take a beating when facing forward on a trailer moving at highway speeds.

As you can, imagine, a removable tractor canopy could solve those challenges. But past models have been expensive, made of breakable plastic, and way too heavy and bulky to easily remove.

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The RhinoHide  Tractor Canopy Has Eliminated All These Issues

The RhinoHide  Tractor Canopy is made of HDPE. That means it is extremely durable and flexible. And it’s also  light enough for one person to attach and remove from the tractor.  Mount the RhinoHide when you’re brush hogging in the summer to keep you cool. Later, easily lift it off when you want to fold your roll bar down. You can remove it to haul the tractor, or when you’re headed to the timber to cut wood. Then easily replace this handy tractor ROPS canopy when you need it again. It offers the best of both world, it’s both light AND durable.

All  You  Need to Do Is Drill A Few Holes

Now, having sung the praises of the RhinoHide canopy, let me point out there is just a little bit of work in the beginning to get the canopy mounted.   Because it’s designed to fit  ROPS structures up to 2 1/4” x 4” x 42” wide (MEASURE BEFORE ORDERING), you do have to drill six holes when mounting it.  Two holes in the brackets and four in the canopy and it’s on.  If you’re concerned about having the mechanical ability to put it on, watch “Canopy Don” and me put one on my tractor in the above video.

You also need to note that while the ribs add strength to the canopy, they can pool a little water.  When parking your tractor outside you may want to park on a grade. Or simply release the pins and empty the water from the canopy if the tractor was parked outside in rain.

We’ve Got This Tractor Canopy For Sale

The RhinoHide is the first canopy that is tough, affordable, and easy to remove from the tractor.  It’ll fit any brand of tractor and, as you’ll see in the gallery, it works quite well as  a zero turn mower canopy, too.  If you’re wanting to save a few dollars and don’t ever want to take the canopy off, a “fixed” version is also available.  Freight to the lower 48 states is $50, regardless of how many canopies you order.  So, if you want to save some freight, get one for your tractor and zero turn at the same time, or see if your neighbors need canopies and we’ll ship them all on the same pallet.

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This RhinoHide tractor canopy greatly reduce the temperature of the operator area and protects your tractor seat from the sun. It also  minimizes your risk of skin cancer and keeps you from getting soaked in a rain storm. 

Each RhinoHide removeable tractor canopy is made from HDPE, which means they’ll bend but won’t break.  They’ll fit virtually any ROPS up to 42″ wide with mainframe beams up to 2 1/4″ by 4″  and can be mounted on angled roll bars. They’ll also fit a zero turn. Unfortunately, they won’t fit machines with round ROPS structures.

These canopies come in black only and can’t be painted,  they’re 37″ wide by 45″ long and weigh 33 pounds.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 38 × 4 in
Removable or Fixed?

Removable, Fixed