NEW! The ZT Caddy for Zero Turn Mowers



  • Designed to be mounted on most models of zero turn mowers
  • 6 x 12 x 36 box
  • 16 gauge steel
  • Powder coat paint
  • Fits both square and rectangular roll bars
  • American made
  • Easily holds yard tools, weed eaters or leaf blowers
  • Secure all carried items in the tray
  • Drain holes on the bottom prevent rainwater from rusting tray
  • Notches on the top of the side make carrying tools with a long shaft a breeze
  • Great for picking up sticks and debris
  • Free shipping to lower 48 states

If you’ve been looking for a place to carry tools, weed eaters, leaf blowers, or just sticks from your yard on your Zero Turn, look no further!  The ZT Caddy is a tray that mounts to zero turn mower roll bars or ROPS (roll over protection systems) and gives you a handy place to safely store yard tools where they’re easy to get to and there when you need them.

The ZT Caddy is American made, strong but lightweight, and powder coat painted for maximum longevity outside.  It mounts on any square or rectangular roll bar, even those that are slanted slightly forward or rearward, and is held in place with a pair of bracket sets with multiple mounting options.

The ZT Caddy is 6″ tall X 12″ wide X 36″ long and made from 16 gauge steel.  Slotted holes in the bottom of the box allow for drainage and mounting to various width roll bars, slots in the bracket mounts run 90 degrees for adjustment on various roll bars.

Make lawn care easier and have the tools you need when you need them with the ZT Caddy!


QUESTION: I received eight bolts for attaching the tray to the brackets, only four line up.

ANSWER: That’s okay!  Only four bolts are necessary to attach the tray, but, if the holes line up, as many as eight or more can be used.  Because of varying widths of roll bars, not all holes may line up, we’ve done out best to design the Caddy to fit the popular ROPS designs, but often there will be holes that don’t match the slots in the tray bottom.  As long as four bolts are attached, you have all you need.


QUESTION: Will the ZT Caddy fit a mower without a roll bar?

ANSWER: No, we’re sorry, it’s currently designed for mowers with a roll over protection system.  Contact us at if you’d like just the tray and can construct your own mounting system.


QUESTION: What’s the weight rating for the ZT Caddy

ANSWER: The Caddy is rated to haul 25 lbs.


QUESTION: Will the ZT Caddy fit a Deere Z-Trac?

ANSWER: Deere Z-Tracs have a twisted roll bar that may not allow the brackets to mount completely flush to the ROPS surface.  It will mount in the area under the bend, but may be somewhat difficult to keep tight.


QUESTION: Can I mount the Caddy above or below the folding rollbar?

ANSWER: In most cases if the roll bar is not a twisted design.  THERE’s ONE EXCEPTION…some mowers have an air cleaner that extends above the available area for mounting the ZT Caddy below the hinge.  Those must be mounted higher


QUESTION: Is there a way to mount it on a round roll bar?

ANSWER: No, we’re sorry, the ZT Caddy won’t fit round roll bars with the brackets provided.


QUESTION:  I have an Ariens Zero Turn with a roll bar that is almost parallel to the ground.  Will the ZT Caddy fit it?

ANSWER: No, we’re sorry, the ZT Caddy only fits roll bars with a forward or rearward angles between 70 and 110 degrees.

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Additional information

Weight 22 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 12 × 6 in


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