The ZT Magne-Light LED Lawn Mower Light Bar


Magne-Light LED Zero Turn Light Bar

  • Unique magnet mounting system, magnets easily attach the LED  light bar to the front of a zero turn or the ROPS, right out of the box
  • Switch box also mounts with a magnet to any flat metal surface on the mower
  • Fits ALL BRANDS of Mowers
  • Light is 36 Watts, 3420 Lumens
  • Operating Voltage: 10-30V DC
  • Waterproof Rate: IP 67
  • Die-Cast Aluminum Housing
  • Combo Flood/Spot Beam
  • 7 Inches Long
  • Weatherproof Switch
  • Wiring Harness Includes Built-in Fuse Protection
  • Great for Commercial Mowing Crews
  • 3-year Limited Warranty

Tired of Mowing in the Dark?  Get an LED Zero Turn Light Bar!

Every mowing season I struggle with getting my yard mowed before dark.  If you’re like I am and you mow after your day job, getting a large lawn cut before darkness sets in can be a real problem.  It’s worse in the Spring and Fall when the days are shorter.  A high quality LED light bar can cure those problems.

The trouble is, the lights sold by manufacturers may only fit one model of mower, so the next time you buy a new zero turn you may not be able to re-use your light kit.  And they’re not cheap!  You could piece together the components to make your own light, but it’s hard to find premium LED lights online and it can be time consuming to install, especially if you don’t want to drill holes in your mower frame to get everything mounted.

The ZT Magne-Light LED Light Bar is the solution to all of these problems.  It consists of a premium quality light bar that mounts with magnets, a weatherproof control switch that also mounts with a magnet and a fuse protected sealed wiring harness that connects directly to the battery.  Installation takes a couple of minutes, and if you change mowers later on, you can reuse the product…you only have to buy it once.  It fits any brand of lawn mower and mounts on any metal surface.  The ZT Magne-Light LED zero turn light bar contains everything you need to easily mount within minutes of removing it from the box.

An LED zero turn light bar, coupled with strong magnets, is the way to improve illumination on your mower. Our strong LED lights can mounted on the front frame of the mower, or the underside of the ROPS and can extend your work day and help you get evening mowing done safely.  This LED light bar, utilizes a 36 Watt, 3420 Lumens combo flood/spot beam for maximum lighting.  The combo beam allows each light to reach both far and wide. The center of each light bar is a 12-degree spot and the two outer portions are 60-degree wider angle lights.  As a bonus, the light bar has an IP 67 Waterproof rating  which means it can be submerged in 3.2 feet of water for 30 minutes AND STILL FUNCTION!!!

The ZT Magne-Light is a 7″ premium LED light bar which mounts to the front frame or roll bar in a fraction of a second with a pair of powerful magnets designed to attach 50 lbs. each.  They won’t vibrate loose when the mower is being used.  It connects via a 6′ sealed wire to a weatherproof switch which mounts on any metal surface in the operator area with another magnet.   An 8′ sealed wiring harness runs to the positive and negative poles of the battery (the black wire connects to positive, the white to negative) and contains a built-in 10 amp fuse.  Installation of the lights and the switch takes under a minute, running the connection to the battery can take longer, especially when you hide the wires in protected areas.  Complete installation, from the box to having the light bar operational, should take 30 minutes or less.  The light kit comes with a 3 year warranty.

If you want a quick and easily-installed solution to the difficulty of using your zero turn after dark, Get the ZT Magne-Light LED Lawn Mower Light Bar!

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Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 7 × 7 in


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