Quick Attach Conversion Kits and Adapter Kits for Tractors, Backhoes, Excavators,
and Heavy Duty Industrial Applications

We Offer Quick Attach Conversion Kits,  Replacement Faceplates, Quick Attach Adapter Kits, Heavy Duty Industrial Quick Attach 

A conversion kit gives you everything you need to change from a pin-on to a quick attach bucket. It includes the faceplate and a weld-on bracket. If you already have quick attach and don’t need the weld-on bracket, order the replacement faceplate. (It does not include the bucket bracket and is less money.)

A Quick Note From Mike:

Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than knowing my products and recommendations have improved the work life of my customers and viewers. Here is an email and photos I received from a customer in Michigan:

"Hi Mike-

I received the conversion kit today. It is built right.. It's welded right, It fits right, and it works right. Attached some photos, at my age (70) I have to do things the easy way, not always the fastest way but this kit went on real easy. Every pin was hand fit, no hammering or torquing into place, and the lock bolts worked perfect.

All I can say to your readers is don't waste their money on any other aftermarket conversion, or even a Kubota OEM kit, this one is far better."


And here's another satisfied customer:


Just wanted to let you know I have installed my quick attach and what a game changer.  Very happy with my decision and thanks for your help." - Regards, Brian


And another:

Hey Mike,

The quick attach showed up Friday. Put it on over the weekend looks great. Perfect fit. So nice that when I hooked up my attachments I picked them all up first shot every time. My old tractor was a struggle to see and hook up . Thank you for all your help. - Gene B. Lexington, GA

Quick Attach Conversion Kits

Stuck with a pin-on bucket and realizing you need a quick attach plate to add attachments to your tractor? You've come to the right place, because we’ve got a deep selection of conversion kits. (Some folks call them a skid steer quick attach adapter, but I prefer conversion, because one you’ve converted, you can’t go back.)

Older Tractors Lack Quick Attach. Some New Ones Do, Too

As it turns out, you won’t find Kubota quick attach or John Deere quick attach on older models of those tractors. And if you have an older Massey or Ford machine, they won’t have quick attach, either. In fact, some manufacturers still don’t offer a skid steer quick attach plate to this very day. Deere uses a “hook and pin” system to hold everything in place. And even when a quick attach might be an option, your dealer’s salesman may not mention it to you, in the hopes of keeping your purchase costs low enough to beat out other dealers on the sale.

But so many farm chores require front end attachments, and a universal skid steer quick attach conversion adapter will allow you to buy and use the implements you need to work your land.

We've Got Quick Attach plates for Major Brands and Lesser-Known Brands

We carry quick attach plates for the major brands: Deere, Kubota, New Holland, Case IH, Massey, Mahindra and Kioti.  You’ll also find some kits for aftermarket loader brands here, as well as weld-on skid steer quick attach adapters for lesser-known tractor brands such as AGCO, Challenger, Bobcat, TYM, Branson and Yanmar.

Each kit provides a faceplace with skid loader quick attach, plus the loader quick attach brackets that attach to the bucket. Once you’ve removed the old pin-on brackets from the tractor, you can attach the kit items.

And while they are not inexpensive, these kits will open up a whole new world of uses for your tractor.  They’re definitely worth the investment if you plan to work your land.

Quick Attach Replacement Face Plates

We offer both quick attach conversion kits and replacement faceplates…what’s the difference? A conversion kit gives you everything you need to change from a pin-on to a quick attach bucket. It includes the faceplate and a weld-on bracket. If you already have quick attach and don’t need the weld-on bracket, order the replacement faceplate here. It does not include the bucket bracket and is less money.

Why Would You Need a Replacement?

A quick attach plate can be bent if the bucket is not properly locked on when a large weight is lifted. It’s a common problem, especially when some brands of loaders offer a really poorly built quick attach. If your skid loader quick attach plate becomes damaged or inoperable, it can be really frustrating. The levers may be difficult to push down and attachments can be tough to get on the loader. These replacement skid steer quick attach plates will solve the problem.

Made In The US

Our replacement quick attach plates for tractors are American made and meet or exceed original equipment manufacturer’s specifications. They are a direct replacement for factory quick attach faceplates and can be installed in minutes, generally using existing pins. Most of the time, these quick attaches will be hundreds of dollars less than similar kits from the manufacturer AND ARE BUILT MUCH STRONGER! They are made to exactly fit any skid loader compatible attachment and lock them into place easily.

Make hooking and unhooking your skid-loader compatible attachments a breeze with these new replacement faceplates!

Quick Attach Adapter Kits

A quick attach adapter kit lets you change between the different types of quick attaches. There are several systems to consider.

The most common system is the universal system. It’s also called a skid loader compatible system (SSL) or Bobcat system. Nearly every loader has one on the front end. It has two male brackets that mount in corresponding female housings on the implement. That locks down with pins controlled by one, or usually two, spring-loaded levers. The adapter you buy for this system is often called a universal quick attach adapter. Some people call it a quick connect for tractor system.

Two Other Systems

The John Deere system is similar to, but not interchangeable with, the skid loader system. It locks the bucket on with a pair of lynch pins.

The “Euro” or “Global” system is mostly seen on larger tractors. This system uses a spring-loaded locking mechanism and can hold more weight than either the skid loader or Deere system. It also has the advantage of locking itself in when the implement is tilted back. The advantage of this arrangement is that you have to get off the tractor only once, when you release the attachment you want off.  There’s no need to get off and lock the new attachment is place. Although it is much less common than the other two systems, it is growing in popularity.

Heavy Duty Industrial Quick Attach

These quick attach adapters work for backhoes, excavators and telehandlers.

The Quick Tach Adapter

The Tach-All™ quick tach adapter is an innovative bracket for tractor loaders that allows attachment changes to be made quickly and easily. It fits Deere Wheel Loaders and Skid Loaders,  ASV RC30 Compact Track Loaders, Gehl R55-19 Telehandlers, Polaris ASL300 Compact Track Loaders and more.

This skid loader adapter plate lets you use various attachments that you may already have in your fleet, which can save you hundreds of dollars.

A quick attach plate for your tractor loader means you can do so much more than just move dirt: Pallet forks, snow blades, tree diggers, bale spears, grapples, scarifiers, three-point hitch adapters, and manure forks are just some of the attachments that you can now use on your loader. With the ability to do a wider variety of jobs comes the opportunity for greater profit.

And installation is simple, because the adapter mounts directly to the existing quick attach. No special pins, no loader modifications.

Take the Loader Bucket Off to Maneuver

With a quick attach, your loader bucket can be quickly removed to reduce the space needed to maneuver the tractor. Then, when needed, quickly reattach your bucket.

Heavy gauge steel construction of both framework and loader mounts ensures the quick attach will last the life of your loader. Two spring-loaded, over-center latches hold attachments firmly in place on the loader. The latching pins are hardened and tapered for easy operation and long life.

And More Quick Attach Systems for Backhoes, Telehandlers and Excavators

We also offer quick attach systems for Ford or New Holland backhoes, a Heavy Duty Quick Fit face plate kit for Manitou Telehandlers, and the Dipper Buddy for Kubota Excavators.

We’re always adding other Heavy Duty Solutions to adapt heavy equipment to function as skid loaders, to help our customers do more, do it better and do it at a greater profit.