Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stop Features:

Hydraulic cylinder stops for safety include:

  • 7 gauge metal . (.179”)
  • Powder coated safety yellow
  • Price is for a set of two stops
  • Includes safety wire snap locking pins
  • Protects against loader dropping from hydraulic leaks/accidental lever engagement
  • Price includes shipping

Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops

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Tractor loader cylinder safety stops are a terrific safety device. If you’re working on the engine area of a tractor, the loader is in the way. With a hydraulic cylinder safety lock, you can lift the loader all the way to the top of its travel. Then the cylinder stops provide a mechanical solution for keeping the arms safely in the air. Simply run the joystick until the cylinders are fully extended (if inside, check for clearance.) Then insert each cylinder stop and pins to secure in place. After that, let the loader arms down until they’re just touching the hydraulic cylinder stop tube. Now you can safely work on your tractor engine.

These stops are made of 7 gauge metal, are powder coated yellow.They come in three sizes, because not all loader cylinder rams are the same length.Just measure your cylinders when fully extended from the top of the barrel to the point where the ram is not circular around the circumference. Order stops just under that length.

These tractor cylinder stops keep you safe and make servicing your tractor engine much easier.  They’re a “must have” for the tractor DIY’er.


Important: Always remove front loader attachments when servicing the tractor! These stops won’t prevent them from coming down in the event of mechanical failure or an accidental bumping of joystick/hydraulic controls.

Safety’s always a big concern here at At Tractor Mike. Another really good safety product we carry is the Roll Bar LED light. Add this magnet-attached light to your roll bar and give yourself more than enough light to stay out on your tractor after dark  when you need to.

And while we’re thinking about hydraulics, if you lack enough hydraulic ports at the front of the tractor to run some front loader implements, take a look at the hydraulic diverter valve we carry. Lets you add the big implements that run on hydraulics, giving your tractor an even greater range of uses.

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Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Extended Cylinder Length

15" (fits most sub-compacts), 17" (fits many compact and utility tractors), 20" (fits some compact & many utility tractors

1 review for Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops

  1. David Balvin

    High quality, strong with excellent fit and finish.
    The pins hold them securely in place.
    Inexpensive insurance against getting injured while servicing the tractor with the loader raised out of the way.

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