The “Coyote Special” Rifle & Shotgun Bolta-Clamp Mounting System


  • One rubber clamp secures the stock while the other holds either the forend or barrel
  • Supports a safe working load of 100 lbs when properly mounted
  • Securely mounts most weapons vertically or horizontally in any truck, tractor, ATV or UTV
  • Works with or without the sight mounted
  • Quick release
  • Rifle Bolta-Clamps mounts easily with bolts (hardware not provided)
  • Made from high-quality transportation grade rubber
  • Not impacted by hot or cold temperatures
  • Will not degrade when stored in direct sunlight
  • Perfect for barns, workshops, garages and out buildings as well as on and off-vehicle applications


Universal Vehicle Mount for Rifles, Shotguns and AR-style Weapons

If you’re a gun hobbyist, a hunter, or trying to control predators on your land, you need a secure way to carry a firearm.  If you’re tired of trying to find a good place to store a gun on your truck, tractor, ATV or UTV, get the Rifle Bolta-Clamp.  The Rifle Bolta-Clamp is an industrial-strength rubber rifle rack to mount to any metal surface.  Rifle Bolta-Clamps are great for safely mounting rifles, shotguns or AR’s, secure and out of the way. They’re constructed of heavy duty transportation-grade rubber, are not affected by hot or cold temperatures, and are UV resistant, so they don’t degrade when stored outside.

When you order the Rifle Bolta-Clamp you’ll receive a pair of firearm mounting clamps that can support both the stock and the foreend or barrel with a working load of up to 100 lbs. Rifle Bolta-Clamps are also great for storing your weapon in workshops, tool trailers, and horse barns.  So, have your firearm at your fingertips, when you need it with Rifle Bolta-Clamps!

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Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 12 × 2 in


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