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Pat’s Quick Attach

Pat’s three point quick hitch system solves a big problem for anyone who changes tractor attachments a lot.  With Pat’s Easy Change, simply back up to the implement, position your lower three point arms under the pins and lift up the position control lever.  The “Eagle Claw” system attaches the lower link arms without leaving the tractor seat.  Pat’s Easy Change. is, by far,  the best system on the market for making hooking and unhooking three point attachments a lot easier!

When using Pat’s there’s no large frame in the way when attaching the PTO.  It does extend the attachment out 4″ further, so there’s a chance you could need a longer top link.  Most tractor/implement combinations can use the original top link.  Pat’s does work on extendible link arms, the claws fit right over them.  Pat’s works with most post hole diggers, unlike the frame-style quick hitches that have to be removed to attach augers.  Pat’s will work on any width of attachment, even if they don’t meet ASE specs, which a lot of older implements don’t.  It is the most versatile three point quick hitch!

Pat’s Easy Change is truly universal. It uses set screws and u-bolts for stabilization and comes with shims to secure the attachment on the tractor.  The spring loaded latch system secures implement pins and requires no extra bushings that can run up the cost of your quick hitch.  Get it out of the box, install it, and you can put it right to work!

Pat’s Easy Change is American made out of quality hot rolled cast steel. If you want to know how strong they are, the hitches were stress tested and the hook broke on the category#1 model at 24,000 lbs.  The cat#2 held to 41,000 lbs. before the hook gave. There is nothing that your tractor can handle that a Pat’s hitch can’t.

If you want the strongest and most-versatile three point quick attach, there’s no other choice than Pat’s Easy Change!


The Three Point Quick Hitch You Need!

Looking for the magic formula to make hooking up three point implements easier?

Here it is! Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch  is an “eagle claw” attachment that goes on each of the lower link arms – the design you see installed on a lot of larger tractors from the factory.

To attach an implement, just back up under the pins, lift up the three point until the keepers self-lock, and the hard part of hooking up is done. Hop off the seat, put the top link on (and the PTO if equipped) and you’re good to go! This tractor quick hitch will save you time and effort. When you want to unhook, just move the keepers to the side and lower your three point. Your lower link arms come uncoupled from the attachment.  Disconnect the PTO and top link and you’re done.  It’s that simple.

Pat’s 3-point quick hitch system has a rod available that keeps the lower link arms at the correct width when backing up.  If you have multiple implements you’ll want to put a mark on the rod for each one. That way, you can set the correct width for the implement before backing up.  Always remove the positioning rod when using your tractor in the field.

Before ordering this Pat’s quick hitch, determine what category size your lower links are.  They’re offered in both category I or category II configurations.  There are also options for folks with category II tractors with category I implements (and vice-versa).  Measure your tractor’s lower three point arm ball holes to determine the category you need,  7/8″ requires category I  quick hitch, and 1 1/16″ is category II.  The price includes the full set of Pat’s Easy Change claws, both the left and the right side are included in the price.

You can easily install Pat’s easy hitch system in about thirty minutes. You’ll be impressed by how secure this tractor quick connect system is when mounted properly.  It’s one of those products that will make your tractor-owning experience a lot easier.

Three Point Quick Hitch Comparison: Pats’ Easy Change vs Speeco/Worksaver

Pat’s Easy Change Installation Tutorial

“Hi Mike,
I’m not sure you could hear all the way in Missouri when I sung your praises yesterday afternoon. I had just backed my three-point hitch right up under my brush hog, raised it up, and click. I attached the top link and off I went. It was especially welcome given that all I wanted to do was move my brush hog about 10 feet. It was incredibly nice not to have to fight with the whole thing for 30 minutes.”
Paul S., MA.


TM, just finished putting cat2 Pats on my Kubota 7060. Just as simple as when I put them on my 550 Oliver a year ago! I really like these, I’m 68 years old and hooking up my 3pt stuff is a breeze now. Thanks for the suggestion and help! Rich B., Michigan.


Two Sizes Available

We offer both Pat’s Cat 1 Quick Attach and Quick Hitch Cat 2.



Determine the size you need and then order either the Pat’s Quick Hitch Cat 1  or the Pat’s Quick Hitch Cat II.  NOTE:  If the tractor has lower link arm balls that are both Category I and Category II (many Mahindra models have this option), order Pat’s Category II or Category II (tractor) to I (implement) models.  Category I Pat’s Easy Change won’t fit because of the width of the balls.  Category I has an opening of 1-1/2” and Cat II is 1-3/4”. Some Category II tractors have narrow balls and will fit in the Cat #I receiver, but most of the time they will not.

Also, Pat’s Easy Change will set the attachments used on the tractor back 4″.  In most applications that won’t matter, but the further rearward placement may require purchase of an extra-long top link and/or extending the PTO by installing a longer shaft or using a PTO extender.  It’s impossible to predict if this change will impact your application, but if it does, we can’t cover supplying the extra components to adapt the top link or PTO shaft and make the Pat’s Easy Change function with your implements.  I apologize in advance for any extra expense/stress this causes.

And while you won’t need to carry tools to work on the Quick Hitch, you probably like to keep at least a few handy tools and odd parts in the tractor for emergencies, right? If you’re looking for a convenient place to stash them on your tractor, take a gander at our Tractor Caddy. 

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Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 10 × 6 in

12 reviews for Pat’s Easy Change Three Point Quick Hitch

  1. Terry K

    Really an awesome product. Started out with a standard quick hitch, but then of course got an Implement that isn’t compatible. Pat’s let you attach anything to your three point. Also easier to hook up the PTO shaft. My first QH made it difficult to access the tractor end of the shaft. Customer service was beyond awesome! Had an operator caused issue that they took care of immediately. The world would be a better place if everyone took care of you like Pat’s.

  2. Dwayne Johnson

    Would this work on my l4701 Kubota ?

    • Tractor Mike


  3. Joe Mcurdy

    Great idea since many older implements aren’t made to hook to standard quick hitches. I have a standard quick hitch and bought this system for a second tractor hoping the cat 2 hitch would attach in with the adapters on my cat 1 implement pins. That’s not the case. The cat 2 adapters for the old hitch will not fit into this system. I guess the only solution is to change all the cat 1 pins to cat 2. Still overall its a good system and am looking forward to seeing how it holds up.

  4. Dirk Merritt

    Hi Mike.
    Will Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch mount on extendable rear links? I have a Kubota B2910 with extendable rear links.

    Thank you.

  5. Jerry Hubble

    looks very good. Want to make sure that the easy change will fit my 2020 New Holland Workmaster 40 tractor, Category 1 before I order.

    • Tractor Mike


      Pat’s Easy Change will bolt right on your Workmaster!


  6. Barry N. Ellis

    I have a Mahindra 6065. This has Cat I and or II links. Which version do I need to order?

    • Tractor Mike


      Either one will work, but if you order the Category II Pat’s you can put sleeves on the Category I implements and they’ll fit. You can’t put a Category II implement in a Category I Pat’s. I’d recommend ordering the Category II Pat’s for that reason.

  7. Jeff Trout

    Hey Mike. Do you know if this will work on a MF GC 1723 EB sub compact w/ backhoe and the Woods brand implements? I am concerned about the PTO shaft issue you mentioned. I have the tractor on order with RC4 bush hog, 48″ box blade. Thanks for your help and great videos!

    • Tractor Mike


      It’ll work, make sure you check the length of the PTO before cutting it.


  8. Nicole Breeden

    Awesome product makes it very easy to hook up my Mahindra to implements. Definitely reduced time & energy spent having to hop off & wrestle with implements. Thank you so much Tractor Mike

    • Tractor Mike

      Thank you!

  9. Ken

    Much better than expected. I used to use a quick hitch, which was nice, but it sure makes hooking up the PTO shaft easier without all that metal and the top link in the way. I was wondering about how durable they were …. and I found out. While being pretty rough with an off-set mower, I broke the bolt on my sway link and the lower lift arm had no support. But the Pat’s didn’t even notice it happened. So they are stronger than my link bolts (and they hold the lower arm to the lift arm along with all the weight on it). Definitely money well spent.

  10. Jeff Ziegler

    Bought a pair but now I need a longer top link, any ideas? Currently using a hydraulic top link rated for 20″-28″. TSC longest is only 28-32″ (+4).

  11. James Keller

    A+ Cuts change out time between implements by over half. Well made and a breeze to use. Took all of 20 minutes to install.

  12. Beeper

    Which one would you recommend for my LS mt350e it’s the 50 hp but I have a few older attachments to use with it have the LS 6ft bush hog and LS box blade have old 6ft disk also

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