Three Point Quick Hitch Comparison: Pats’ Easy Change vs Speeco/Worksaver

Pat’s Easy Change Installation Tutorial

Some folks call it Pat’s Quick Hitch System. Some call it Pat’s Easy Change. Either way, Pat’s Easy Change Three Point Tractor Quick Hitch system is patented. Don’t be fooled by cheap 3 point quick hitch imitations!

Here’s a 3 point quick attach system that is truly universal. No other system has the set screws and u-bolts for stabilization. Pat’s quick attach for tractor comes with shims to adjust the Pat’s quick hitch when attaching it. Our spring loaded latch system is the only one like it available on the market.

Plus, our product is made of quality hot rolled steel, and made in America.

Determine the size you need and then order either the Pat’s Quick Hitch Cat 1 quick hitch or the Pat’s Quick Hitch Cat 2.

“We think it’s the best 3 point Quick Hitch,” Tractor Mike says, “when you’re looking for the quickest and most pain-free way of changing three point tractor implements.”


We are now an authorized dealer for the United Kingdom. If you reside in the U.K. and want to purchase this product, e-mail and I’ll be glad to get you freight rates directly from the factory.

Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch

(5 customer reviews)


The Three Point Quick Hitch You Need!

Looking for the magic formula to make hooking up three point implements easier?

Here it is! Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch is an “eagle claw” attachment that goes on each of the lower link arms – what you see on a lot of larger tractors.

To attach an implement, just back up under the pins, lift up the three point and you’re hooked on, except for the top link. Hop off the seat, put the top link on and you’re good to go! This tractor quick hitch will save you time and effort. When you want to unhook, just move the keepers to the side, pull up up the links and lower your three point. It’s that simple.

Pat’s 3 point quick hitch system has a rod that keeps the lower link arms at the correct width when backing up. If you have multiple implements you’ll want to put a mark on the rod for each one. That way, you can set the correct width for the implement before backing up. Before ordering this Pat’s quick hitch, determine what category size your lower links are. They’re offered in category I or category II configurations. Measure your tractor’s lower three point arm ball holes to determine the category. 7/8″ is the category I quick hitch, and 1 1/16″ is category II.

You can installation Pat’s easy hitch system in about thirty minutes. You’ll be impressed by how secure this tractor quick connect system is when mounted properly. It’s one of those products that will make your tractor-owning experience a lot easier.

And while you won’t need to carry tools to work on the Quick Hitch, you probably like to keep at least a few handy tools and odd parts in the tractor for emergencies, right? If you’re looking for a convenient place to stash them on your tractor, take a gander at our Tractor Caddy.

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Additional information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions18 × 10 × 6 in

5 reviews for Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch

  1. Terry K

    Really an awesome product. Started out with a standard quick hitch, but then of course got an Implement that isn’t compatible. Pat’s let you attach anything to your three point. Also easier to hook up the PTO shaft. My first QH made it difficult to access the tractor end of the shaft. Customer service was beyond awesome! Had an operator caused issue that they took care of immediately. The world would be a better place if everyone took care of you like Pat’s.

  2. Dwayne Johnson

    Would this work on my l4701 Kubota ?

    • Tractor Mike


  3. Joe Mcurdy

    Great idea since many older implements aren’t made to hook to standard quick hitches. I have a standard quick hitch and bought this system for a second tractor hoping the cat 2 hitch would attach in with the adapters on my cat 1 implement pins. That’s not the case. The cat 2 adapters for the old hitch will not fit into this system. I guess the only solution is to change all the cat 1 pins to cat 2. Still overall its a good system and am looking forward to seeing how it holds up.

  4. Dirk Merritt

    Hi Mike.
    Will Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch mount on extendable rear links? I have a Kubota B2910 with extendable rear links.

    Thank you.

  5. Jerry Hubble

    looks very good. Want to make sure that the easy change will fit my 2020 New Holland Workmaster 40 tractor, Category 1 before I order.

    • Tractor Mike


      Pat’s Easy Change will bolt right on your Workmaster!


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