This compact tractor grapple  is designed as an add on grapple for buckets between 60″ and 79″ in width. This add on grapple attaches to the sides of the front end loader bucket and requires drilling eight holes. This is an easy and affordable way for compact and utility tractor owners to be outfitted with a grapple. This unit is recommended for 50 hp tractors and under. The grapple portion can be removed for loader work while the mount stays in place.

NOTE: The Add-A-Grapple requires hydraulic flow to function. If your tractor is not equipped with front bucket remote hydraulic connections, they can be added to most loaders by ordering the MP020 X-tra Valve Kit.

Click Here To View The X-Tra Valve Kit

ALSO NOTE: Single Add-A-Grapple Does Not Come With Hoses And Fittings…lengths of hoses and type of fittings vary so they’re not included in this kit.

Not big enough? How about a Double Add-A-Grapple?

Single Add-A-Grapple


Please Note: Many of the Add-A-Grapples may require as long as 60 days or more to build and ship due to supply chain issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.

“I don’t have a quick attach bucket so I purchased this and it is the best money I have spent.  I just purchased enough hydraulic hose to reach my rear remotes and plastic tie the hoses to the bucket while using it.  I just figured out I can pick up two small bales of hay at a time and I think I can pick up three if I’d purchased the other grapple.  I highly recommend this product.” – T.F.

Add-A-Grapple Single
Model: 111100
Weight: 142 lbs


  • Easily Converts Front End Loader Bucket Into A Tractor Grapple Bucket
  • Fits All Buckets 60″ To 79″ Wide
  • 35″ Grapple Opening
  • Curved Teeth With Wide Grip Means Easy Release Of Material
  • Grapple is Removable For Bucket Only Applications

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Additional information

Weight 198 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 48 × 25 in

3 reviews for Single Add-A-Grapple

  1. Stephen Stock

    Add a grapple made my BX25D much more versatile. Best attachment for sure. I can remove it in less than 60 seconds. Im absolutely in love with it and how it works so great brushing out and picking up the same.

  2. Terry Spencer

    I’ve had my Add-A-Grapple, mounted on my 4310 JD, for 10 years. I can’t think of another tool or implement that gets more use. I probably make it do more than it was designed for, but it’s still working great.


    James Carruth

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