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Have you been fighting invasive locust, hedge, or cedar trees on your property with torn clothes, bleeding arms and dull chain saw blades?  Or ever wish you could prune low limbs from the seat of your tractor?  How about a tree shear on a tractor?

There is now an easier way to control invasive brush specimens and eliminate tree limbs using this tree clipper specifically designed for a compact or utility tractor. These tree shears for tractors weigh 606 lbs. and only require a tractor with 1200 lbs. lift capacity to operate when using a counter weight box, a 3-point attachment or rear wheel weights.

“I bought the full size model about 2 years ago for trimming and cutting trees on 171 acres. I thought it would take years to trim all the lower branches to allow shredding around the trunks and to cut back invasive trees. The joke was on me. It took about 2 weeks. Their products are awesome. I love being able to rotate the cutting head from the cab to match the branch angles. Takes very little diesel at these low rpms also.”

Link To The Xtra Valve Kit Mini Clip Installation Guide

Features include:

  • Fully Assembled and Plumbed Tractor Tree Shear
  • Manual Telescoping for 6’, 7’ and 8’ Reach
  • 7” Maximum Cut
  • Universal Skid Loader Compatible Quick Attach Bracket
  • Minimum 1200 lb. lift capacity
  • 2500 PSI Hydraulic Pressure Required
  • Optional Sprayer
  • Hand Control Kits Available

Mini Clip Tractor Mounted Tree Shear & Limb Trimmer Skid Loader Style Quick Attach

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Please Note: Many of the Mini Clip Shears may require as long as 60 days or more to build and ship due to supply chain issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.

The Hy Reach MiniClip Tree Shear is available in two models.


If your tractor does not have any existing auxiliary hydraulics at the front of the loader, this is the option you need. The MC7551 Mini Clip includes an MP020 Xtra Valve Kit which will add auxiliary hydraulic outlets to the front of your tractor. Those outlets can also be used for other attachments requiring hydraulic flow, such as grapples or blades.

The MP020 valve is controlled by a two buttonMP020MC control handle. One button activates the cutting, push the other button and you can rotate the head for trimming limbs.


For tractors with existing auxiliary hydraulic outlets already installed and skid loaders. This control kit includes a battery powered wireless remote W200MC that activates a solenoid diverter built into the tree shear that allows you to rotate the cutting head from the seat of the tractor and trim limbs.  If your tractor has front mounted remotes already, order this tree shear.

Either product will enable you to use your tractor hydraulics to cut trees or limbs up to 7″ in diameter from the comfort of the tractor seat.  No more fighting thorns or limbs to drag a chain saw into tight quarters to cut trees down!  No more cutting limbs on a dangerous ladder with a chainsaw running as the head can be manually extended up to 8′ out for maximum reach!

Finally, if you want to cut trees and prevent re-sprouting, order the optional SP-101 sprayer attachment which will direct a shot of chemical on the stump and eliminate the potential for regrowth.

Reclaim your pastures and safely make your existing trees easier to bush hog under with the Hy-Reach Mini Clip Tree Shear & Limb Trimmer!


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Additional information

Weight 690 lbs
Dimensions 56 × 89 × 54 in
Front Hydraulics?


Optional Sprayer

Without Sprayer, With Sprayer

1 review for Mini Clip Tractor Mounted Tree Shear & Limb Trimmer Skid Loader Style Quick Attach

  1. Don tharp

    I use the mini clip on a Kubota L2501and it works great . Will cut anything I can get it around. Only negative is they need better protection for the hydraulic connections. I have broken two so far and I try to be extra careful.

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