Kubota Mini Excavator to Skid Loader Adapters

Kuboat Mini Ex to Skid Loader Adapters

Have you ever been out on a jobsite with your Kubota U55 or KXO57-4 Excavator and a truck pulls up with a load of sod, or pallets of drain tile and you don’t have a good way to unload it? Work comes to a stop while you unload one roll at a time or have to throw a chain around a pallet. What a hassle!

You need the Dipper Buddy a unique tool that allow your excavator to function as a skid loader. Just release your Kubota quick attach and remove the excavator bucket, put the Dipper Buddy on the front, and lock it down. Now anything that fits a skid loader will fit your excavator. Life just got a lot easier!

The Dipper Buddy opens a new world of versatility with your excavator…put on pallet forks for unloading. attach a grapple for cleaning large amounts of brush or attach a tree shear or tree puller to clean up a forested area. The possibilities are endless!

Save having to haul a skid loader to your job site and better utilize your various attachments by mounting them on your excavator with the Dipper Buddy. It’ll pay for itself in no time!