Why You Need a Tractor Add-A-Grapple

Maybe you’re landscaping your place and want to move some large rocks. Or you’ve got fallen logs you let lie over the summer, and now you want to move them closer to your firewood pile. And all the dead brush around your place needs to be hauled off for burning, or maybe moved to a wildlife habitat area you’re constructing.  What about those piles of old hay and straw that need to be scraped up and carried someplace else?

When it comes to hefty chores like these, you need a grapple. And frankly, they’re just beyond the budget for some folks.

Instead, I offer you the Add-A-Grapple.

First Things First

In order to have a tractor  Add-A-Grapple, all you need are hydraulic remotes at the front of the tractor. If your machine doesn’t have them, take a look at the diverter valve kit we offer.  Anyone with average mechanical abilities can install it. (Of course, you can hire a mechanic to install a complicated   3rd Function Kit, but why bother?)

We offer a good selection of different types of  Add-A-Grapples and several grapple rakes. Here’s a brief overview of what they are.

Single Add-A-Grapplesingle-add-a-grapple-1

Do you own either a 50HP or lower subcompact or compact tractor with a bucket 60″- 79″ in width? This Single-Add-A-Grapple is designed to fit buckets in that size range. You easily attach it to the sides of the front end loader bucket and then simply remove it for loader work. The grapple mount stays in place. Now you’ve got a tractor grapple bucket with a 35” opening. And you’ll appreciate the economical cost. Get all the specs and details here.

Single Add-A-Grapple for Sub Compact Tractorsmini-single-grapple

Even a subcompact tractor with 26 HP or less can carry a grapple. If your bucket is between 36″ and 55″ in., this Add-A-Grapple is the one you need. Just attach to the sides of the front end loader bucket and you’ve got a front end loader grapple, which can be removed. The mount stays in place. Your tractor not equipped with the needed front bucket remote hydraulic connections? They can be added to most loaders by ordering the MP020 X-tra Valve Kit. Full info here.

Double Add-A-Grappledouble-add-a-grapple-1

Need something a with a bigger bite? Want to move heavier loads? The Double Add-A- Grapple gives you more the versatility than the Single, so you can pick up smaller loose material and clamp down on an uneven load. The package includes all hoses and skid loader-compatible flat faced couplers. And, of course, you can remove it for bucket only applications.   Learn all about it here.

Pallet Fork Add-A-Grapple

Here’s another option if you want a grapple and you already own a set of pallet forks. This economical and very effective solution will fit forksPallet Fork Add-A-Grapple 4″ wide or narrower and up to 1 3/4″ thick. The grapple assembly has slots cut to accept the forks, and two fork positions are available to help you manage different types of loads. I particularly find it useful when cutting logs or pipes because I don’t have to bend over, or risk getting the chain saw blade into the ground. It’s also very handy for stabilizing pallet loads. You do need hydraulic ports at the front of the tractor loader. Read the full info here.

Adjustable Pallet Fork Add-A-Grappletractor pallet fork add a grapple adjustable

The Adjustable Pallet Fork Add A Grapple has three height settings, so it can secure everything from a single log or pipe, up to a 74″ diameter round bale of hay. Changing the height adjustment is easy, and like all the Add-A-Grapples, it gives you a great grapple system for a fraction of the cost. It works with any brand of pallet forks that fit the dimensions required, regardless of front end loader quick attach system! More info here.

Or How About a Grapple Rake?

We’ve got them in several sizes, so you can match your tractor size and capability properly.

The Mini Grapple Rakemini grapple for compact tractor

Have you been looking at grapples for your under 40HP tractor?  Do they all seem to take up all of your lift capacity? Then the Mini 322 Grapple Rake may be the perfect grapple rake for you. Designed for maximum strength, The Mini has the durability of a much heavier rake, but is still light and maneuverable. Perfect for a small tractor! And you can find them in both single and double grapples. Full info here.

The 333 Single Grapple Raketractor-grapple-rake-single

Generally compatible with tractors 35 HP tractors and larger. It fits either skid loader compatible loaders or those with 400-500 series John Deere lynch pin attachments.

This Grapple Rake is a master at moving brush, so if you want to get the ground really clean with minimal effort, consider this attachment. One extra benefit of this product is that unlike traditional grapples, it can pick up downed limbs and debris. Now, if you’re cleaning up storm damage, there will be lots of getting on and off the tractor seat with just a grapple. Not so when you add a Grapple Rake. And it’s designed for compact and mid-range tractors where weight may be a consideration. Hoses and hydraulic fittings included on this model. Read all about it here.

The 333 Double GrappleRake

Similar to the single model, but available with double grapples in 60” and 72” widths. Of course, it weighs more than the single grapple rake, so you need to consider the lift capacity of your front end loader before purchasing one. Hoses and hydraulic fittings included on this model. Full details here.

“The Closer” 72″ Grapple Rakegrapple-rake-344-the-closer

The Closer is a heavy duty grapple rake with a wide opening and heavy duty tines, designed for skid steer loader and midrange tractors. American built and heavy enough to do big jobs, “The Closer” is the right grapple rake when you need size and strength for machines with a minimum of 2000 lbs. and a maximum of 2500 lbs. lift capacity. It is built exceptionally strong for its size, and the whopping 65″ opening can grab huge loads of brush and debris. Learn all about it here.

Tractor Mike


  1. Bill Clark on at 13:00

    What is the availability of the 72″
    What is the cost

    • Tractor Mike on at 10:29


      The Double Add-A-Grapple, which includes hoses and couplers is $1449 + shipping from Sedalia, MO. The Single Add-A-Grapple without hoses and couplers is $885 + shipping. Both currently take about 5-6 weeks to build and ship. Please let me know if you have any other questions, my direct e-mail is mike@asktractormike.com. Thanks!


      • Gifford on at 17:46

        Looking for a 48″ grapple rake.

        • Tractor Mike on at 10:51

          I’m sorry, we don’t offer a grapple that size. That product may exist but I’ve not seen it. I’m sorry I can’t help!

  2. Leon Chatham on at 18:47

    Can you send me info on how its mounted.

  3. carlos p martinez on at 18:21

    I have a M7060 Kubota quick attach bucket do they make a double add a grapple for that tractor

    • Tractor Mike on at 09:08

      Carlos, I apologize for the slow reply, I need to check my website questions more frequently. Yes, there is an Add-A-Grapple for your application. The one at this link is the one I’d recommend for a tractor that size. Right now they take about 8 weeks to build after an order is placed. Please let me know if you have any other questions, my e-mail address in mike@asktractormike.com. Thanks!

    • John e kern on at 19:26

      I’ve got a 345c ford industrial
      80″ bucket.
      I’ve got additional hydro
      Reply w price of single and double bucket add on grapple
      Thank you

  4. Jerry lay on at 08:29

    How much for the mini 322, what does it weigh and what is availability, thanks

    • Tractor Mike on at 09:57


      It weighs 260 lbs and can take 8-12 weeks currently to build and ship. Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


      • Jeff P on at 10:36

        I have a new Kubota BX with 48″ bucket. Do you have double add-on for that size or would it just be a single? How much and how long currently?

        • Tractor Mike on at 08:32


          I’m sorry, but there’s not enough room for the double on a 48″ bucket. Here’s the best option for a 48″ bucket.

          Production on those Add-A-Grapples are a little hard to predict. That’s Precision’s most popular product and they can build them anytime, quickly. Our experience has been that when the factory has more complicated welding projects that they’re working on and they’re waiting on parts or materials, they’ll whip out a bunch of Add-A-Grapples and fill a slew of orders. I’m supposed to tell you 9-12 weeks from the order, but our experience has been they can get that product our much quicker than their others.

          If I were betting, I’d say it could be ready in 6-8 weeks, maybe before, based on past experience, but in this environment, I can’t guarantee it.

          Please let me know if you have any other questions.

          -Mike Wiles

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