Do-It-Yourself Quick Attach Install

How to Install Your Own Quick Attach Here’s a do-it-yourself quick attach tutorial on how to install your own quick attach instead of taking it to a welding shop. It does take some time, of course, but if you know how to weld, it can save you money. Let’s take a look at each step…

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The Gator Tree Puller

The Gator Tree Puller “Because sometimes it just feels better to yank the whole tree out of the ground; roots and all!” A Tree Puller Versus a Tree Shear A  tool that I find really handy around my place is a tree puller, a device that goes on front of the tractor. You must have…

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Hydraulic Valve Converter For Adding Implements

Hydraulic Valve Converter Kit: Add Implements to Your Tractor A hydraulic valve converter kit is a must if you’re planning to add attachments to your tractor but lack the hydraulic ports to power their cylinders. Our hydraulic diverter valve kit allows you to easily add implements like a front loader grapple or tree shear. And…

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Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops


 Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops Are Worth Every Penny! Tractor loader cylinder safety stops are a terrific safety device, are easy to install, and worth the modest investment. If you’ve watched my videos for a while, you’ll know safety’s always a big concern here at At Tractor Mike. Servicing a tractor is always a…

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Quick Attach Installation

tractor bucket with quick attach plate welded on

Today I made a video with Marvin, who was going to convert his Kubota pin-on bucket to a Kubota bucket quick attach. He only lives about an hour from me, and I’ve always wanted to show all my viewers how the how a tractor quick attach conversion works. Marvin’s 60HP Kubota – No Quick Attach…

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Why You Need a Tractor Add-A-Grapple


Maybe you’re landscaping your place and want to move some large rocks. Or you’ve got fallen logs you let lie over the summer, and now you want to move them closer to your firewood pile. And all the dead brush around your place needs to be hauled off for burning, or maybe moved to a…

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Let’s Talk Grease and Grease Guns

tractor zerk ready for greasing

 I don’t know anybody who really gets excited about talking about grease, do you? But if you grease your equipment, it’ll last longer. And if you’re new to tractors and equipment, it’s important for you to know how to use a grease gun and how to grease your equipment. It’s not a big deal…

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Tractor Mounted Mini Tree Shear Saves Time


New Tractor Mounted Tree Shear For Compact Tractors Here’s a new product that will make your life easier: the tractor tree shear for compacts. If you’ve bought property in the country, you may find the ground overgrown with trees too big to bush hog. And there may be too many to chain saw. If you…

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Why Doesn’t My Tractor Have Quick Attach


Why Doesn’t My Tractor Have a Quick Attach Face Plate? New to country living? If you’ve purchased your first small tractor to keep your acreage looking nice, you may be surprised how limited you are in your work because it doesn’t have quick attach. What Is Quick Attach? A quick attach plate is a device…

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Small Tractor Grapples Are Here

this brush needs a grapple

Small Tractor Grapples for Compact Tractors Now, the property owner with a small tractor is able to to clear the acreage easily, with an attachment that exerts up to 1000 lbs. clamping force on trees, brush and debris. Tractors Under 40 HP Can Also Use the “Mini” Grapple If you do have a front end…

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Save Time, Energy with Quick Attach Conversion Kits

quick attach bucket blog hero

Quick Attach Conversion Kits Save Time and Work If you spend any time perusing my Tractor Fun Store, you’ll notice that I’ve added a deep line of quick attach conversion kits. I am really excited about them, because they are probably among the biggest time-saving inventions you can find for your tractor. Skid steer loaders,…

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Add-A-Grapple For Convenience, Economy

add a grapple hero image

 Add-A-Grapple Changes Everything Grapples are a tractor owner’s best friend when it comes to moving brush, debris, logs, rocks and other bulky material that you might otherwise have to haul by hand. The Add-A-Grapple is the economic alternative. There are a lot of these products on the market. Many of them are stand-alone attachments…

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You Really Need a Tractor Grapple


The Easy Way to Move Brush And Other Things Now, if you’re new to tractor ownership, a tractor grapple might be something you’ve never heard of. Or maybe you’ve owned a tractor for a number of years, but haven’t thought about this time and back-saving invention. So let me explain. I spent a lot of…

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What Does “Quick Attach” Mean?

quick attach blog hero

If you’ve been shopping for a tractor, you’ve most likely heard the term “quick attach.” These inventions are probably one of the biggest time savers when working with your tractor. As the name implies, the device lets you attach an implement in virtually no time at all. There are actually two quick attaches available on…

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Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch


Attaching Implements Is Now An Easy Task All you  need is Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch. Are you looking for the magic formula to make hooking up 3-point implements easier? You’re not alone. Let me tell you the story of my neighbor Chuck and Pat’s 3-point quick  hitch. Chuck and I talk tractors a lot. He…

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A Better Tractor Tool Box

the tractor caddy header image background

Forget Your Tractor Tool Box. Use The Tractor Caddy I want to tell you about the Tractor Caddy, a new product I created. Take a Look at the Tractor Caddy Recently, one of my YouTube viewers asked me to list what I thought you need to carry in your tractor toolbox. That brought up a…

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3 Reasons for a Tractor Canopy

RhinoHide Canopy

Three Good Reasons for a Tractor Canopy I started writing this piece in early summer in Missouri where we’ve had unseasonably warm weather. If you’ve spent any time out brush hogging with a 100 degree heat index, you’re sweating. If, like me, you can’t afford a cab tractor, then you’re stuck out there in the…

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