Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch

Attaching Implements Is Now An Easy Task

All you  need is Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch.

Are you looking for the magic formula to make hooking up 3-point implements easier? You’re not alone.

Let me tell you the story of my neighbor Chuck and Pat’s 3-point quick  hitch.

Chuck and I talk tractors a lot. He said one day that he doesn’t like how much time it takes when he goes to put on any of his implements. He was looking for a quick attach hitch, but said the standard quick attach just wasn’t do the job.

Well, then we did a video with a quick hitch where we attempted to put one on his tractor.  But the problem was that implements come in different widths, and the standard quick hitch didn’t fit all of his implements. That’s a pretty common problem.  Now, a lot of folks who saw that video wrote in to say we should try Pat’s Quick Hitch.

Take A Look At Pat’s Easy Change Here

Pat’s Is a Winner

pat's easy change quick hitch
Pat’s Easy Change Quick Hitch 

Well, that’s one I hadn’t heard of before, but when I looked it up, Pat’s easy change system looked pretty good to me. And Chuck thought it looked like a winner. It’s a couple of claws – I’d call it a kind of eagle claw system- that pick up the implement at the top link. You back up under the pins on your attachment, lift up the three points and you’re hooked on.

The only disadvantage of this product is that you have to get off the seat to put the top link on. But with a PTO-powered implement, you’ll have to do that anyway. When you want to unhook, just move the keepers to the side, pull up up the links and lower your 3-point.  It’s pretty simple.

We ordered it up, along with an optional stabilizer bar that goes across the top, and Chuck saw right away that it would allow him to adjust for the different implement widths. The hitch comes with two sets of spacer shims (one thick, one thin) and once you choose your shim, there’s a roll pin that has go through it to make it fit. We attached the hitch and leveled it up, and added a couple U-bolts and nuts to lock it all on.

Chuck Is Happy, and You Will Be, Too

Chuck was really happy. We figured that it was simple and easy to put on, and if even someone didn’t know what they were doing, it might take less than 30 minutes. Even less with two people working on Pats quick hitch together.

I like Pat’s easy hitch enough to sell it here on my website. It’s American made of quality hot rolled steel, and comes with the set screws, u-bolts and shims. The spring-loaded latch system is the only one like it on the market and it fits any tractor lift arm system from 18-120 HP.

Tractor Mike


  1. Susan on at 10:45

    Tractor Mike is an invaluable resource. As a newcomer to the tractor scene and someone who has never been exposed to farm equipment, the videos and his answers to questions have allowed me to have confidence that I can become proficient in tractor dynamics and soon I’m going to train to drive big, GPS automatic, tractors! It’s all very exciting and couldn’t have been done by me without these great teaching videos. Kudos to Tractor Mike!

    • Charles on at 13:21

      because of you I bought a Pat’s even entered my tractor and the darn things won’t go over the balls in my lift arms.
      Can’t seem to get Pat’s to respond and I purchased off of the Pat’s Website.

      • Tractor Mike on at 14:14

        Shoot us an email at and we’ll make sure the folks at Pat’s reach out to you. I’m curious what tractor you tried to install it on because we haven’t found any that the system won’t fit. Make sure you include the name that the order was placed under. Sorry they didn’t work!

  2. Dudley E Clark on at 17:12

    It was easy to install and it almost scared me when I backed up to my box blade and it just hooked up so quickly. Just make sure your pto shafts are long enough to allow for the extra distance to the output of the tractor for your driven implements.

  3. Paul Morrison on at 13:43

    Hi Mike. Enjoyed the “Pats” video. I put them on my tractor a few months back. Nice product and it works as it should. Others may fine the need for a few extra “washers” tor the pin arms so they don’t find themselves moving them from one piece of equiptment to another.. They are cheap $.
    Now, the reason I’m writing. At the time I put them on I also put a hydrauilc top link and connected it to a set of remotes downflow power beyond from the loader valves. I mounted the valve on inner fender and sort of even with the back of seat so I could adjust it from the seat OR from the back when Im hooking up. Perfect complement for the Pats hookup. You would think that the handle would be awkward from the seat, but its not. Paul M. WNY

  4. tom on at 14:12

    after attaching Pat’s easy hitch, now my toplink is too short for my mower implement and I can’t find a toplink that will extend safely to beyond 30 inches.

    • Tractor Mike on at 20:13

      TSC offers one that is extra long for applications like yours. Click here to see it. Good luck and thanks for your business!

  5. James M Spencer on at 13:36

    Hi Mike.
    Is the stabilizer just to keep the lift arms together? My Kubota with Cat 2 arms has pins and holes on them to keep the arms locked.

    • Tractor Mike on at 11:34

      Yes, that’s the function of the stabilizer. If you’re always hooking and unhooking from the same implement and never changing your spacing there’s no real need for the stabilizer. If you’re going back and forth between implements with pins with different spacings it is a wise investment. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

  6. Jim Gagne on at 07:58

    Hi tractor Mike,
    I am looking at buying a set of Pat’s quick hitchs I’m not sure what size I should order I have a Kubota MX5800.
    What would you recommend

    • Tractor Mike on at 08:19

      Jim, I’m showing the MX5800 to have Category I/II lower link arms. I’m not sure what that means. It could mean that it has both (some tractors are like that), in which case you could order either the Pat’s for Category I or II. Or, it could mean that it could either be Category I or II, in which case you’ll have to determine the size and order that. Here’s a link to a video that explains: Category I has lower link pins that are 7/8″ diameter, Category II, has 1 1/8″ lower link pins. The problem arises if you’re trying to put a Category II implement on a Category I tractor. They’re too large so you’d have to change pins in the implement. Putting a Category I implement on a Category II tractor is real easy. You’ll just have to get some sleeves from your local dealer to go over the Cat I pins and they’ll be Cat II. Bottom line…you can’t put a Pat’s Category II on a Category I tractor because the pins will be too big, you could put a Pat’s Category I on a Category II tractor with sleeves. You can’t put a Category II implement on Pat’s Category I but you could put a Category I implement on a Pat’s Category II hitch. I am sorry this is so confusing, you gotta love the engineers that came up with this system!

  7. Bob Taylor on at 10:01

    Hi Mike,
    Before I purchase a Pat’s Quick Hitch, would you know off hand whether the Quick Hitch would fit a John Deere 2019 5065E with Cat 2 Telescoping draft links ? Most of my implements are Cat 1 so I would need sleeves.


    • Tractor Mike on at 10:17


      The Cat II system should work fine with that tractor. Pat (the guy who invented Pat’s Easy Change) has a brother who has a 5025 with the telescoping links and that is what they use for some of the videos showcasing the product.


  8. Rex Hurd on at 15:43

    I have a Challenger MT285B Compact Tractor with Cat 1, extendable links. Will the Pat’s system work on this tractor? The release mechanisms for the links look very close for the Pat’s to be installed on it.


    • Tractor Mike on at 08:02


      I asked the folks from Pat’s about compatibility with your tractor and they’re not familiar with that particular model, but told me to pass this on to you. Here’s how to tell if it’ll fit: He will need 2” from the back of the hole in the ball for clearance. Hope that helps!


  9. Joe Bourdeau on at 16:56

    How do you make a pats cat one hitch fit a 4044m John Deere tractor. The large pin that attaches the hitch to the arm wii not go all the way through. I need help!!!

    • Tractor Mike on at 18:23


      I am forwarding your message on to the people at Pat’s. You should be hearing from them.


  10. Gary VanEsch on at 08:35

    I encountered a problem after mounting Pat’s Easy Hitch on my TYM 354 tractor. I’ve searched many sites and have yet to find anyone with a similar problem, but if you have or plan to get a TYM tractor and mount a PEH on it, then read this.
    After mounting the easy hitch, I noticed that the hitch is not square to the implement I planned to connect to. It seems that the lift arms on my tractor are not angled toward the end of the arms like most other tractors, thus connecting the hitch becomes an issue. The remedy came from the manufacturer, who told me that the bolts used to secure the hitch laterally to the lift arms can be adjusted. By loosening the u-bolt, then loosening the side bolts, angle the hitch until it mimics the angle of most tractor lift arms. After doing so, secure all bolts. Pat’s Easy Hitch will not be 90 degrees in alignment to the implement, but close enough. I don’t know why TYM did not angle their lift arms like others do, but at least it now works.
    Please let me know if anyone else has encountered this problem and if you’ve found any other way to overcome this dilemma.

  11. Tug Mcgraw on at 18:01

    Do you ever both shims on the bottom

  12. David on at 22:48

    HI, I have a John Deere 1023e and have the Pat’s easy change system for cat 1 installed as per instructions to be 90 degrees at level. I have an issue where the lift arms roll outwards as the arms drop to full down, I am having difficulty getting a few of my implements to hook up as the amount of angle change from 90 degrees at working position(about 60–70 degrees) at full down and will not let the units correctly slide on or off the pins of the implement . I have been in contact with Pat’s and they tell me to level the hooks when the arms are level . Is there some way to keep the arms from arcing out like they do?

    • Tractor Mike on at 10:55

      Not that I know of. Make sure all of the three point components are fully lubricated and operating properly. I’ve not heard of that issue before so I’m wondering if one there’s not something else going on with your three point. The next time I’m at the local Deere dealership I’ll look at the 1023E and see if I can come up with any other ideas. I’m sorry that you’re experiencing that issue.

  13. Clay H. Griffin on at 21:26


    • Tractor Mike on at 10:48


      Not without changing the pins. You can make a Cat I into a Cat II by putting sleeves around the Cat I pins to make them bigger. They’re available at most dealerships and farm supply stores. You can’t put Cat II pins in the Cat I though. Sometimes you can get new Cat I pins and replace the Cat II pins with them, then everything will work, but if the pins are welded in, it’ll take some major surgery to get everything to work together.

      Good luck!


  14. Skip Krueger on at 15:43

    Thank you Mike and Chuck,
    I bought a new Massy compact and discovered the three point arms have a different angle at the end of the lift arms where the fish eyes mount. Strangely it makes it very difficult to swing the arm onto the cat 1 implement pin for some reason. In fact, I have to beat them on with a mall. I have 4 different implements and the same problem with all four so I know its not a unique problem to any one attachment. I’m 72 and been doing this for 60 years so I know its not me. I looked at the quick hitch deal and agree its nuts to have to set up each existing implement. If I steal my neighbors cultivator I’m back to square 1. I like the looks of the Pats Easy after seeing it in your video. I studied several different brands and your movie sold me on the Pat’s. I got Pat’s instruction manual off their website which was poor and didn’t explain the washers that come with the package but YOUR VIDEO DID!! I was going to order one from Amazon whom I hate but will look on your website and see if I can buy one there for close to the same price!! If so you’ll have a new customer…My best
    Skip K

  15. Bobby Milton on at 11:03

    I have pat about tractor it hall cotton and it bale it. and machine dump in. give me call 918 361 0947

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