Small Tractor Grapples Are Here

Small Tractor Grapples for Compact Tractors

electric grapple for sub-compact tractors

Now, the property owner with a small tractor is able to to clear the acreage easily, with an attachment that exerts up to 1000 lbs. clamping force on trees, brush and debris.

Tractors Under 40 HP Can Also Use the “Mini” Grapple

If you do have a front end loader mounted remote hydraulic connection, you might consider the Mini Grapple.

One problem with small tractor grapples is that they seem to take up all of your lift capacity.

The Mini, however, is designed for maximum strength, while providing weight relief wherever it can. It’s durable, but still light and maneuverable, thanks to a unique design. The large 36″ opening lets you move a large load of loose material at one time, while the  reinforced 9.5″ tines are spaced to allow for raking material of all sizes while sifting the dirt from the clumps.

In addition, all the concealed cylinders and hydraulics are fully protected. They won’t snag on limbs or brush. And the greased pivot points will give your long lasting service.

Take A Look At Several Grapple Options Here

Four Configurations To Fit Most Compact Tractors

The Mini fits most compacts, and you can match your machine to the proper one. We offer:

  • A model which features a skid load (aka universal) quick attach with a single grapple
  • A model with double grapples and universal brackets
  • A model for John Deere owners which has a single grapple
  • A model for Deere 400/500 hook and pin quick attach brackets
  • A model for Deere with double grapples and the Deere brackets

These Mini grapples run between 247 and 259 lbs, depending on the model.

No remote hydraulic connections on your machine? We can fix that with the X-tra Valve Kit. 

Tractor Mike