Tractor Mounted Mini Tree Shear Saves Time

New Tractor Mounted Tree Shear For Compact Tractors

Here’s a new product that will make your life easier: the tractor tree shear for compacts.compact-tractor-mini-clip-tree-shear-

If you’ve bought property in the country, you may find the ground overgrown with trees too big to bush hog. And there may be too many to chain saw. If you have a compact tractor, you probably thought a tree shear was not an option. But I’m happy to say that now it is. It’s become one of our best-selling attachments, because it makes a tough and rugged task a whole lot easier and more pleasant.

Fighting invasive locust, hedge, or cedar trees on your property with a chain saw usually ends with torn clothes, bleeding arms and dull saw blades. That can all be history, because this Mini-Clip Tree Shear is a tractor mounted tree trimmer designed specifically for compact tractors and small skid loaders with a minimum 1200 lb. lift capacity. The Mini-Clip will enable you to cut trees up to 7″ in diameter. And you’ll also be able to prune tree limbs without ever leaving the tractor seat.

Take a Look at the Tree Shear for Compact Tractors

Because the Mini-Clip is a tree shear for the tractor front end loader, it will cut trees at just above ground level. The grill compact-tractor-mini-clip-tree-shear cut at ground level guard directs them to fall away from the tractor. Equip it with the sprayer option, and the Mini-Clip can even shoot some herbicide on the newly cut stump to prevent regrowth.

I first used the prototype Mini-Clip to eliminate a whole field full of locust trees. The job was done in a fraction of time it would have taken me with a chain saw, with a lot less scratches and cuts.

Use It For Limb Pruning

Once you’ve eliminated your brush, this tractor mounted tree shear can also be used to prune limbs. Not only can the head be extended up to 8′ manually, it also rotates hydraulically, to prune trees effortlessly.

The Mini-Clip Tree Shear Is Available In Two Models

If your tractor does not have existing auxiliary hydraulics at the front of the loader, you’ll need to add this option: The MC7551 Mini Clip. It includes an MP020 Xtra Valve Kit which will add auxiliary hydraulic outlets to the front of your tractor. Those outlets can also be used for other attachments requiring hydraulic flow, such as grapples or blades.

Already have existing auxiliary hydraulics at the front of the loader? Then order MC6651 control kit that includes a battery powered wireless remote. The controller allows you to rotate the cutting head right from the seat of your tractor, so you can start cutting limbs. This is the unit you want if your tractor already has front mounted remotes.

Reclaim your pastures and trim under your trees easily!

If you’ve been looking for the easiest way to clear brush and trim your woodlot, take a look at this tree puller for tractor.

You can order the Precision Manufacturing Mini-Clip here.

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  1. Shannon petitt on at 11:57

    i have a NX4510 Kioti tractor, looking at a mini-clip . have hydraulics at the front for a grapple. has flat face connectors .looked up your price for one with spray function. does this price include shipping or shipping extra.?

    • Tractor Mike on at 15:40


      Shipping is extra, if you happen to live near the factory in Sedalia, Missouri and wanted to pick it up there would be no charge. By the way, if we can deliver to a business, I’d be glad to give a discount on freight. If you own, or have access to, a business with normal daily hours, a forklift, and a dock, we can get you a better freight rate. Just email me the name of the business and the address and zip code and I’ll see what we can do. My e-mail is Unfortunately, the freight companies won’t let us use a farm or ranch as a business address.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!


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