What Does “Quick Attach” Mean?

If you’ve been shopping for a tractor, you’ve most likely heard the term “quick attach.” These inventions are probably one of the biggest time savers when working with your tractor. As the name implies, the device lets you attach an implement in virtually no time at all. There are actually two quick attaches available on tractors: a quick attach loader and a quick attach bucket.

But…there are three configurations of the quick attach bucket. Kubota, New Holland, Kioti, Massey Ferguson, Mahindra, Yanmar, TYM, Branson, Case, and LS use one system. John Deere has their own. There’s also a “Euro” quick attach available on large tractors. Confused yet?

Let’s Get Our Terminology Straight

Before we go further, let’s get all the terminology straight. If you’re shopping for a tractor, asking for a tractor and a “loader”, or “front end loader” makes you sound like you’ve done your homework and know what you’re talking about. A loader or front end loader is what farmers and everyone in the industry calls the device for lifting that goes on the tractor’s front end.

pointing out the loader

This Is The Loader

The ‘bucket,” on the other hand, only refers to the attachment that goes on the front of the loader to haul material. So you don’t want to ask for a “tractor and a bucket” if you’re shopping. (And by the way, the last thing you want to do is ask for a tractor and a “scoop.” Scoops are for ice cream, they don’t go on a tractor.)

So: tractor, loader on the front, bucket in the front of the loader.

pointing out the bucket

This is the Skid Steer Quick Attach Bucket

Take A Look At Our Quick Attach Kits Here

Now, Let’s Talk About Quick Attach

Now that you can put the name to the attachments, let’s talk about the two types of quick attach: quick attach loaders and quick attach buckets. One you definitely need, the other you can forget about. Here’s why:

A quick attach loader means the mainframe sits in a cradle and is held down by two large pins. You remove the pins, then use the joystick hydraulics to push down on the bucket. That will cause the loader to pop out of the cradle. You can now back up, disconnect the hydraulics, and the loader is off the tractor. It’s pretty easy.

pointing out quick attach loader pin

Here’s the Quick Attach Loader Pin

But the hard part may be getting the loader back on. You’ll have to navigate the tractor back between the loader arms and get right above the cradle. Then you hook the hydraulics up, let the loader back down and reinsert the pins. Your loader is back on. Sounds easy enough, right?

Maybe not. The problem is getting the mainframe to first line up perfectly. Then you have to hook up the hydraulics (relieve pressure by shutting the tractor off and wiggling the valve first). Then you need to get the holes to line up for the pins to go back in. It can be an ordeal, especially if the loader is resting on dirt and has settled on one side. I’ve done it once, don’t ever want to do it again.

The Quick Attach Bucket Changes Everything

The good news is that the need for a quick attach loader was negated by the quick attach bucket. With a quick attach bucket, you can change front attachments easily. And if you’re going into tight quarters, you just remove whatever is on the front of the tractor and go where you need to. It’s a WHOLE lot easier than taking the loader off.

Quick attach buckets come in two forms on small tractors. The skid loader style means that anything that fits a skid loader will fit your tractor. That’s the style used by Kubota, New Holland, Kioti, Massey Ferguson, Mahindra, Yanmar, TYM, Branson, Case, and LS. John Deere has their own system, which works fine and is simpler than the skid loader system. But it won’t work on any other tractor brand. There’s also a “Euro” quick attach available for larger tractors. It has a spring-loaded attaching system. That’s a help, because once it’s lined up it locks itself, and you have to crawl off the tractor seat one less time.

To Sum It Up

The bottom line is that if you’re buying a new tractor…get the quick attach bucket and don’t worry about getting a quick attach loader!

Tractor Mike


  1. Neil A Morse on at 11:31

    Hi Mike
    I am looking for a quick attach set of pallet forks to fit
    my LongAggribusiness 5340 loader. I am having no luck. Any suggestions ?
    Neil Morse

    • Tractor Mike on at 11:05

      I’m trying to determine who made that loader and then I’ll have an idea of what quick attach you have. If you could snap a picture of the quick attach with nothing mounted on it and e-mail it to me at mike@asktractormike.com it might speed up the process. If it’s a pin-on bucket that makes everything a lot more difficult. I doubt that Long made those loaders, they probably bought them from anther company that made loaders for various manufacturers. Once we know if that’s right and who that might have been we may be able to take care of you.

      • Jesse on at 18:50

        Hi Mike. I’m trying to determine the quick attach style for the Long 5340 loader as well. Can you let me know if you figure it out? Thank you.

        • Tractor Mike on at 08:02


          Oooh boy, that’s a tough one. I’m going to try to send you a form in a separate e-mail. If we have a few measurements off the loader we can probably make one, but it’ll take a little time to get it. If you don’t get an e-mail from me, please reach out to support@asktractormike.zohodesk.com and we’ll see what we can do.



  2. bruce lumbajak on at 06:25

    am buying a new Kioti 8030 tractor and sourcing attachments for it, but cant establish whether kioti use a euro configuration on their bucket / attachment quick hitch system..

    cann you help whether a euro attachment will fir straight on?

    • Tractor Mike on at 14:12

      Bruce, that’s a model that’s not offered here…since you’re in Australia, I’m not sure what configuration it will be. Best to ask the local Kioti dealer, they’ll be able to tell you. Sorry I’m no help!

  3. Bill Leder on at 13:11

    Hello, I recently purchased a Mahindra Max 28XL with an ML202 Loader and I am very interested in a Skid Steer Quick Attach conversion. Will the conversion kit for the ML205 work that you have advertised on your site?

    Thanks in advance


    • Tractor Mike on at 11:44


      Good news…this kit will fit. The Max24L and the ML202 are identical except for decals. Took help from people in three states to figure it out, but that kit will go right on.

      -Mike Wiles

  4. Randle Gibbs on at 06:42

    Hey Mike, I bought a new 4720i Branson tractor with an Ansung BL20A loader in 2005. Now 15 years later I need a set of pallet forks, but can’t seem to find one that will connect to the quick attach on the loader ( old style single lever ). Any suggestions?

    • Tractor Mike on at 16:40


      I don’t know of an easy bolt on conversion, there may be a universal adapter that can work. I’ll e-mail you some information.


      • Chris on at 10:09

        Mike, please send any info on an SMS to Bobcat/Skid steer adaptor. Or pin on SSQA for my BL20a loader. Branson 4720i (2008).
        Thx in advance,

        • Tractor Mike on at 10:50


          I can provide a quick attach adapter which has the quick attach to fit your Branson 20A loader on the female side and the skid-loader or Universal quick attach on the male side. It could take up to 9 weeks to build. It’s made by a company called HLA in Canada. Specs are below:

          • 3500 lbs. capacity
          • Compatible to universal skid steer attachments
          • Spring-loaded over-center lever lock
          • Ideal for compact to mid-size loaders
          • Approximate weight: 135 lbs.

          The price is $1759 + freight from the warehouse near St. Louis, MO. and the kit must be prepaid in full up front, including freight, at the time of order. If you’d like to get the kit on order and in the build schedule, please let me know and I’ll be glad to send you an invoice to pay with any major credit card.

          Unfortunately, we don’t have a source for a replacement kit that would do away with the BL20A quick attach and replace it with a skid steer/universal kit.

          Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

          -Mike Wiles

  5. Frank on at 23:45

    Hi Mike — I have (just got used) a Kubota B2100 with a LA301 Front End Loader and … I see that I might need to replace the Bucket soon. Not knowing much about this … will a “Quick Attach Bucket” fit my Loader and tractor??? If so, then do you know which one and where it can be purchased from??? – Thanks for your time and your sharing, Mike!

    • Tractor Mike on at 06:59

      Frank-It’s pretty likely you have a pin-on bucket that’s held on with four pins, and you’ll have to replace it with that. I do know that a manufacturer is developing a quick attach conversion kit that may work in that application. It should be ready around the start of next year. If you want me to put you on the list to notify when it’s ready, or if you want to send me a picture of your bucket so I can tell you what attachment type you have, shoot me an e-mail at mike@asktractormike.com.

  6. David on at 09:33

    Hey Mike, I’m having a mahindra 3650 delivered and just seen a snowplow listed for sale but it has a euro mount. My question is will the euro mount work on the mahrindra? Thank you

  7. "Tractor Boy" Ed Haggard on at 08:27

    Love all your videos! I am considering getting a stump bucket for my 2017 New Holland Workmaster 33 with a 140TL loader with Quick Attach. I wanna make are SURE that the stump bucket fits my tractor. From reading this article it sounds like an tithing that is a skid steer quick attach will fit on most anything (except John Deere) that they are universal and it should fit mine. But I don;’t want to get it wrong and have it shipped. I asked Titan and have not gotten confirmation. I am considering the151lb $494 Titan Stump Bucket for Skid Steer Quick Attach, and the 91lb $630 Good Works Tractor stump bucket. I see that both companies also offer heavier duty models for another $100-$150. If I’d have had the stump bucket the last couple of years I would have used it to pop out invasive privet bushes and some small trees, dig a trench for a water and electric line to my RV spot.

    my questions are:
    1) does an implement like I mentioned above or anything that says skid steer quick attract fit my tractor with a New Holland 140TH front end loader with bucket quick attach
    2) do you have an opinion or recommendation of the best stump bucket for my tractor?

    • Tractor Mike on at 08:44

      Ed, I think you mean a 140TL loader. I’m not that familiar with that product, does it have two levers that pull up pins to release? You might send a picture of the front of it with the bucket off to mike@asktractormike.com and I’ll try to help you identify it. I don’t have any experience with stump buckets so I’m not sure what to recommend. I know, at least where I live, it would be tough to dig a trench or easily pop a tree out of the ground with a stump bucket. If you live in a sandier soil with fewer rocks, it might be different. Digging a tree out by the roots may make a bigger hole than you expect, depending on the variety of tree it is. Also, remember not to tie up all your lift capacity with the weight of the stump bucket, and that if you hit something that doesn’t move, you can bend your loader arms. As long as you know that a tractor with a front end loader is not a skid steer you’d probably be okay.

  8. Rick Craner on at 07:07

    Mike I like the way you keep us all informed but on my New Holland front in loader quick connect one paddle does not work the same as the other not letting me hook up my implement what does this mean?

    • Tractor Mike on at 09:04

      Rick, hate to tell you, that generally means that the faceplate is tweaked and will have to be replaced. You might be able to hammer it back in place and get it to work for a while, but generally, once they’re bent, they’re susceptible to having it happen again. I offer quick attach replacements on my website at the link here if you want to order a new one.

  9. Ed Grossi on at 13:09

    I have a Kubota R520 (2001 model) with a hydraulic quick attachment system. 1 hyd. ram pushes 2 pins out on the bottom to connect to buckets, forks, etc. Trying to find the parts (ram & hydraulic diverter valve to adapt to a R420. Kubota dealer has been no help.

  10. Bill Cashin on at 20:35

    Hi, I have a Massey Ferguson 1250 tractor with a Hardy model 35 loader. Do you have a quick attach plate that would fit?

    • Tractor Mike on at 10:29


      That may be tough, does it have a pin-on bucket now or the Hardy Quick Attach?

      -Mike Wiles

  11. Troy Gossett on at 20:19

    I have a LS MT125 with duel bucket (pin on or quick attach) was looking at buying the qa plate however it’s not universal, it’s 14” instead of the standard 16” ssqa. I read on forums that the new holland workmaster 25s uses ssqa but looking at specs., it says it’s a ssl qa so do you know if the NH is actually like the LS and uses a smaller (14”) qa or it is the standard (16”) ssqa? Wanting pallet forks. Thanks

  12. Troy Gossett on at 20:21

    Also my loader is the LL1101 and the workmaster 25s uses loader 100LC

    • Tractor Mike on at 11:58


      I had to do a little research on this, but your loader does have a different quick attach than the “Bobcat” or Universal skid loader style. We can get a set of pallet forks for it, but it would be a special order to fit the LL1101 loader. With 42″ forks they would run $1195 + freight. You might be able to get a set cheaper from LS. Here are specs on ours:

      *1 3/16” x 3 1/8” Class II hook type solid fork lift tines 900 lbs capacity @ 21” L.C.
      *Sliding adjustable forks
      *Tines can be locked in any position
      *50” wide carriage

      Please shoot me an e-mail if you want to discuss further at support@asktractormike.zohodesk.com. Thanks!


  13. Ron Sloan on at 17:43

    I just bought a Kubota BX23 with an LA340 loader with quick attach bucket. I’m shopping for pallet forks now and while I see options for units with skid steer quick attachment, I don’t see any reference to size. How do I make certain what I order will fit my subcompact tractor? I have seen a reference to class but didn’t see anything to tell what my tractor has.

    • Tractor Mike on at 08:42


      Does your tractor have the skid loader or “Universal” quick attach? Kubota offers that as an option on that loader but I think there’s also an aftermarket quick attach that a guy was building that’s not compatible. If you bought the tractor new, you could call the dealership that you bought it from and they could tell you what it has. The skid loader quick attach is the most common style in this country and attachments that fit that system are interchangeable. If you want to shoot me a picture of it and send it to: support@asktractormike.zohodesk.com, I can probably identify it for you.

      If you’re asking what size of forks to put on, you’ll need to match it to the capacities of your tractor, keeping in mind that every pound of weight that’s in the pallet forks, is one less pound you can pick up. The LA340 has a lift capacity of 509 lbs. to maximum height at 500 mm fwd of the pins or 739 lbs. at the pins. So, getting a set of forks with a maxiximum lift capacity of above 800 lbs. is what you want, and the lighter the better. Here’s an option we offer from Arrow Material Handling in Kansas City: https://asktractormike.com/product/arrow-quick-attach-pallet-forks-for-tractors-less-than-25-hp/ that you might consider.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

      -Mike Wiles

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