The Reinvented Lube Gun

Meet the Lube-Shuttle NO-MESS
Premium Pistol Grip Grease Gun

Every so often a new product comes out that just makes your life a lot easier.

Let’s talk about the lube gun. If you know how to use a traditional grease gun, you know you’ll have a mess on your hands. Now, I think we all know the importance of lubricating equipment– PTO shafts, loader pivot points, your implements, your tractor. Keep them lubricated, or you’ll have a really expensive failure on your hands. But up till now, it’s been such a hassle. Grease guns have design flaws that really make them difficult to use. The plunger has a heavy spring, and my old shoulders are getting kind of bad and it’s tough to pull it. Then when you unscrew it and you try to fish the grease tube out of it, the nasty paper tube wouldn’t come out. So here come the screwdrivers and pliers, and cussing and bad words as you fight to get the stupid tube out of the grease gun. Last time I did this it was a thirty minute job and I guess that’s not uncommon with traditional grease guns.

Then there’s the wasted grease that remains at the bottom of the tube. Finally, you get your new grease tube in and use it. Afterwards, you hang it on the wall. And for the next couple months, due to the internal pressure in the gun, it oozes grease. That means more grease waste, and a slick spot on the floor of your shop.

But I Found a Product That Solves ALL of Those Problems

A company approached me a while back, wanting me to evaluate a new grease gun they were bringing to the North American market. It’s made in Germany and it’s been out for years in Europe, but not here.

I got the sample, opened the box, and knew as soon as I looked at it that it was a winner. It may, in fact, be the best grease gun for tractor lubrication that I’ve seen yet.

First thing you notice about Lube-Shuttle is there’s no plunger. That’s because this is German-built with German craftsmanship. It puts out a gob of pressure – 4,300 pounds of pressure – right at the top of the gun. That’s not burst pressure and that’s not when it fails. That’s actual pressure. What it does is suck the tractor grease out of the tube and put it where it needs to go on your machine.

And the coolest thing about this?  When it’s time to change the grease tube, you have threaded grease tubes for the grease gun that are plastic and recyclable. When you’re ready to change the tube,  you push a little grease up to the top of the new tube to get the air out. Then you put it up in the Lube-Shuttle grease gun and twist it in until it’s tight. Now you’re ready to grease again. It’s a slick, fast, and clean experience. And it’s some of the best tractor grease you can buy.

So What’s The Cost of This?

Actually, the grease tubes costs about what you’re paying now. And I think you’ll find you get a lot more of the grease out of these plastic tubes than you do out of paper tubes, with a lot less waste.

As you might guess, a precision grease gun like this is not cheap, running right around $60. But if you’re buying a $20,000 or $30,000 tractor and you want to really protect it for the rest of your life, you need a premium grease gun to get the grease everywhere it needs to go. Personally, I’m willing to pay for the gun to protect my big investment. I recommend this grease gun and the replacement tubes, and you can buy the gun here on my site.

I also now carry the safeLOCK Grease QUICK ATTACH which will end grease spewing forever. You can read more about it here, too.

And I carry  the replacement tubes and other items in this line, too. Click on the links below  to learn more.

Lube Shuttle NO-MESS Premium Lever Grease Gun

Lube Shuttle NO-MESS Premium Electric AccuGreaser

Lube Shuttle G200 Multi-Purpose Grease (Case of 10)

Lube Shuttle MoS2 Multi Purpose Grease (Case of 10)

Lube Shuttle G200 Multi-Purpose Grease (Case of 10)

Lube Shuttle MoS2 Multi Purpose Grease (Case of 10)

Lube Shuttle Premium Synthetic Grease (Case of 10)

Lube Shuttle Air-Tec P100 Polyurea Grease

The One Downside

In a word, distribution. If you run out of grease, you might really need to run down to your local dealer and buy a tube. But you can’t use the old paper products in this grease gun. The company that sells the product has employed me to help them find dealers to carry the grease. You can help me in that process if you know a local dealer that you think would do well with this product. Use the contact form, and let me know who they are.  We’ll get in touch with them.

We’d like to have distribution among independent farm equipment dealers across the US. It’s true that this it’s a product you kind of have to explain to people, but once they understand it, they love it, because it takes all the hassle and mess out of greasing equipment.

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Tractor Mike


  1. Kenneth D Burns on at 11:14

    i have a Kubota L4060 GST and a ZD1211. What type of grease do i need to order?

    • Tractor Mike on at 11:19


      I’d want to confirm the specs with your owner’s manual, but the G200 Premium Multi-Purpose is what I recommend for almost all small tractor applications. It’s what I use on my tractor and zero turn. Please let me know if you have other questions.


  2. Kenneth D Burns on at 16:30

    Thanks Mike,

    I just ordered the Lube Shuttle with 2 G-200 Multi-Purpose cartridges and safeLOCK. Thanks for this tip. I believe this is truly time saving and a lot less mess and frustration. I did look in the owners manual and it does not indicate which grease to use so I think we are safe with the multipurpose.


  3. Craig Neff on at 12:19

    I got mine today and hit all the zerks on my Tractor … this thing is the bomb !

    • Tractor Mike on at 11:10

      Thanks for the comment Craig, I appreciate your business!

    • Basharat on at 06:23

      I will greece gun have you gun

  4. Walter Wojciechowski on at 17:06

    After years of messy grease guns and crappy fittings that pop off I finally finished the several cases of grease I had sitting around. I have now ordered the Lube-shuttle and a case of grease. Now maybe I can store my grease gun on the pegboard and not in a storage box with a rag to catch the mess. Thanks for your commitment to your channel and good solid advice. I wish I had discovered your site and YouTube channel before buying my first two tractors. I little good advice can go a long way.

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