Lube Shuttle G200 Multi-Purpose Grease (Case of 10)


These case of ten replacement grease cartridges fit the Lube Shuttle NO MESS Pistol Grip, Lever Grip and Electric AccuGreaser Grease Guns.

G200 is a deluxe multi-purpose grease with a lithium complex, EP additives, and a heavier base oil than competitive multi-purpose greases.  It features great pressure resistance and excels in many agricultural, heavy construction and industrial applications.

Lube Shuttle G200 Grease is a deluxe multi-purpose grease.  It has a lithium complex and EP additives, with a heavier base oil than competitive multi-purpose greases.  G200’s EP additives gives it great pressure resistance but does not include moly, making it suitable when moly is not wanted. These attributes allow G200 to meet a wide range of OEM standards in many demanding applications.  In fact, AirTec G200 is the most commonly used grease in many parts of Europe. This grease is excellent for use in many demanding agricultural, heavy construction, industrial and manufacturing situations, as well as providing superior protection for recreational and automotive applications.

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Air-Tec Grease: G200 Multi-Purpose

Base Oil Vis. (40°C)


Temperature Range
-30°C to +130°C

Drop Temperature

DIN 51502


Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 5 in


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