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Introducing the safeLOCK Grease QUICK ATTACH

When I recently introduced the Lube-Shuttle Grease Gun, I got a lot of questions about the special end tips that lock on the zerk. Let me sum up the answer for you.

Now, the tips you are accustomed to using have slightly different threads than the safeLOCK tips. The Lube-Shuttle and its accessories have metric threads. But even though the standard tips have NPT or national pipe threads, they go right on the Lube-Shuttle. In my experience using the combination, I’ve had no leaks.

The Lube-Shuttle tip, called the safeLOCK, does the exact same thing. It goes on and fits perfectly, but is designed differently than the standard tips. You may find it easier to install.

Once the standard tip is screwed onto the grease gun, you need to get it on the grease zerk. You have to push a lever that releases the heavy spring to expose the jaws. The lever pulls the jaws out, and then to put it on the grease zerk you work the lever again, then release. Now it’s locked on, won’t come off, and you won’t have grease coming out everywhere.

That’s the one most of you are used to, and that’s how it works. It’s a nice system.

But The safeLOCK is Faster and Easier to Attach

The safeLOCK works a little bit differently. It goes on the grease gun just like the standard tips do. But the effort on this product is not in getting the big spring released. It’s real easy to release the spring. The effort comes in locking it in place. To use this one, you push the lever in to get it on the grease zerk. You feel it seat on there, but it’s not locked yet. To get it to fully seat, you just push the tip from its base and the lever comes up. Then you know it’s locked on.

I usually have to push and twirl just a little bit to get the lock, but once on, it won’t come off or let grease go everywhere.

The best features about this item are that you don’t have to work that big spring, and the tip will release under pressure — it’ll come right off.

Added to the Lube-Shuttle, the two products work together to really take the mess out of greasing.

The Lube-Shuttle system comes with either a pistol grip or a lever grip, so you can choose which one works better for you.

Where This System Doesn’t Work

I have an eight foot brush hog and neither tip would work on the PTO shaft. I don’t know why. Maybe the grease zerk is a little worn, or has a short neck and it just didn’t fit. But when it lock on, it oozed grease. Of course, if I really wanted to get these to work I could change the grease zerk without too much of a problem and make it work. The other place it struggled was getting in a tight place like in a shield, where you have a small hole to get through to the greaser. A standard grease gun with a metal tube and tip worked better.

So there’s places they really shine and a few where they don’t work very well at all.

Both of these tips are a little bit expensive – they’re both in the $30 to $35 range. But if you want to take the mess out of greasing, get the Lube-Shuttle and the safeLOCK and you will have a lot less mess and a lot less wasted grease.

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Tractor Mike


  1. Bob Davis on at 16:02

    Mike as you indicated there are some zerk fittings that don’t seem to accommodate this item. In my case about half of them. I admit that perhaps I am doing something wrong but will try to use your attaching advice the next time I with my tractor.

    • Tractor Mike on at 09:13

      Bob, I replied to your personal e-mail and realized I hadn’t yet posted my answer here. The safeLOCK can take a little getting used to. I first thought there was something wrong with mine before I figured out exactly how the locking mechanism works. The bottom line is, if you can pull it off it’s not locked, if it’s locked, you won’t be able to pull it off and the grease will go where it’s supposed to. Here’s a video that explains: The safeLOCK people offer a money back guarantee, so if you’re just unhappy with it, let me know and we’ll work out a refund. Thanks for your business

  2. Ray Conkright on at 19:39

    I am very disappointed in the performance of my new safelock.
    I does not work on most of my zerk fittings!

    • Tractor Mike on at 08:16


      I got your message about your disappointment with the performance of safeLOCK and am very sorry. I have to admit that my first experience with that product was similar, but I was locking it wrong, or actually not getting it locked. When the safeLOCK people led me through the process and I learned how to get it to properly lock I’ve loved it ever since. Every time I use it, it gets easier and I’m not sure if that’s because I know what I’m doing, or if the product gets easier to lock on as it gets broken in…could be a combination. If the product is not working, please give it one more chance after watching this video:

      Having said that, the safeLOCK people have encountered some grease zerks on certain production tractors that the product won’t work on, and in some cases, have sent out replacement zerks that can be installed and the problem goes away. Oddly enough, it’s on Deere compacts, and there may be a couple on a tractor or they may all be that way. If you have a Deere and want to opt in to that program, let me know. As far as we can tell, no grease gun quick release will work with these oddball zerks, and we don’t know where Deere came up with them.

      Finally, if the product is just flat not working for you, we don’t want upset customers…just let me know and we’ll work out a refund. Thanks for your business!

      Mike Wiles
      “Tractor Mike”

  3. Jim Lambert on at 13:54

    is there any way to contact Mikd to purchas his producte? i am wanting a quick attach for my tractor and have tried sever times to contact some one. i would purchas one if i was sure of how to do so, which one to get for my tractor, and how much they wood cost. if any one has a phone number that would help. thanks.

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