P100 polyurea grease is the choice for stability, corrosion protection, oxidation prevention, and low wear, volatility, and oil bleed. It outperforms standard lithium greases in longevity while excelling at start-up lubrication and high temp applications.

Base Oil Vis. (40°C) 100mm2/s

Temperature Range -20°C to +140°C

Drop Temperature 240°C

Specifications: DIN 51502 NLGI 2

-High Wear Resistance
-Polyurea Complex
-High Thermal Stability

-Sealed Bearings
-Gear Boxes
-Ag equipment
-Heavy Construction Machines
-Industrial Machines
-Electrical Motor Bearings
-Corn head drives

Lube Shuttle Air-Tec P100 Polyurea Grease

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Lube Shuttle P100 replacement cartridges. P100 Grease is a light base oil, polyurea thickened grease that first found popularity in Japan as many original equipment manufacturers starting using it because of its great long-term protection, however, in the past few years, it has also gained popularity in the USA. Polyurea grease is known because it outperforms standard lithium greases, especially in terms of longevity. It excels at start-up lubrication at low temperatures while also offering great protection at high temperatures. It is the best in its class in terms of basic stability, corrosion protection, oxidation stability, and low wear, volatility, and oil bleed. These properties make AirTec P100 the best choice for sealed bearings, wheel bearings, CV joints, and electric motor bearings.

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