This grease gun attachment has a 4-jaw hardened locking coupler. There’s no spewing grease or mess when releasing. And it can be disconnected under pressures as high as 8000 psi.

When paired with the Lube Shuttle NO MESS Grease Gun, greasing equipment is easy.

Fits NPT or Metric, please specify which size when ordering.


safeLock Grease Gun Quick Attach



safeLOCK: A Quick Attach for your Grease Gun

Greasing equipment is a nasty job. If your grease gun is not attached to the zerk just right you can spew grease everywhere. If it’s on a rotating piece, the extra grease can get slung to a lot of unintended places and make an incredible mess.

A lot of people don’t know that part of the problem may be the different sizes of grease fittings. There are several…SAE, metric, etc., and not all couplers will hold on to the different sizes under pressure, which can result in a lot of grease leaking out and a failure to deliver the proper lubrication.

The safeLOCK system uses a hardened 4 jaw coupler for positive attachment to any grease zerk. Just pull back a spring-loaded lever, clamp the safeLOCK on, push it until the lever snaps in the locked position and all of the grease goes where intended, eliminating waste, keeping greased areas clean, and making the process much faster and easier.

The safelock system will fit all grease zerks, but there are two different threads and you’ll have to determine which yours has before ordering. They are NPT (National Pipe Thread) and Metric. If your grease gun is a traditional design it’s likely NPT. The new Lube Shuttle NO MESS Grease Guns require a Metric safeLOCK. Please specify when ordering.


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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in


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