Universal Ultra Low Mechanical Seat Suspension Kit


If you have a seat that’s bolted directly to the frame of the operator area, you may have an extremely rough ride in uneven terrain.  This kit may be the answer!

The Ultra Low Mechanical Suspension Seat Kit can be installed in many tractors, industrial machines, UTV’s and zero-turn lawn mowers, to vastly improve the ride quality.  It can also be a direct replacement for existing suspension systems where vertical height is limited, to improve comfort, performance and productivity while ensuring that you have the smoothest ride possible.

The Ultra Low Mechanical Seat Suspension Kit features a heavy duty double spring system that provides 1″ suspension travel when properly installed.  An easy-to-adjust ergonomic weight control knob is conveniently located under the seat and enables the operator to tailor the ride to the operator’s weight and field conditions.

If you’re tired of the rough ride of your machinery, get the KM Ultra Low Mechanical Suspension Seat Kit!



Please Note: It is the buyer’s responsibility to insure this item that it will fit the application. Please check the Technical Drawings to view the mounting pattern provided and measure your current seat base to determine compatibility.

This suspension is designed to fit between your seat and seat slide rails, so measure your bolt mounting pattern on the very bottom of the seat where the slide rails bolt/mount to the seat.

This exact suspension system is used by many popular brands of zero turn mowers. It has a universal type mounting and fits a lot of tractors, industrial equipment, UTV’s and mowers, but some models vary due to year changes. It’s VERY IMPORTANT to measure to make sure this kit will fit before ordering, as it will not guaranteed to fit all models.  A 10% restocking fee will be assessed to all returns, plus freight back to the factory.


  • Fits many (but not all) tractors, industrial machines, UTV’s and mowers
  • Vastly improves operator comfort in rough terrain
  • Wide base for excellent stability
  • Has a 1″ suspension travel
  • Maximum height is 2.75″
  • Base width is 12.88″
  • For full stroke, insure there’s 1/2″ clearance under the suspension.  Spacers may be required and are not provided
  • Weight rating is 275 lbs.

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 5 in


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