Who’s Trespassing On Your Land?

Who’s Trespassing on Your Land?

hunting trespasserYou’ve purchased some acreage, either as private hunting land, or as a country residence. It’s private and quiet…until hunting season comes and you discover that strangers are trespassing – wandering around your land, determined to shoot some wild game.

Mostly likely they feel they have that right because at some point in the past they asked a previous owner of the property for permission to hunt there. And once hunting privileges are granted, some hunters feel they’re good for a lifetime. If you bought the property so you could have good hunting, you may not be alone in the woods when the season comes. And even if you’re not hunting, strangers with firearms setting up on your land can create a very dangerous situation.

When I was a kid, I remember hearing shots fired in our pasture. We had a herd of cattle grazing out there, so I went out to make sure they were okay.  I watched a hunter hastily scrambling over our fence to get away from me. He was trespassing on our land. And judging by how fast he was running away, he knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. (The cattle were all fine; if he was shooting at one of them he missed.)


Purple Ribbons ? Or a Real No Trespassing Notice?

no trespassing sign on poleIn the area where I live, a lot of folks will tie purple ribbons all around their property to designate that it’s off limits to hunters. And yes, that’s been known to work.  But you may want to go one step further.

A good friend of mine works at a local steel company and designed some “NO TRESPASSING” signs for his land. He cut them out of 20 gauge rolled steel, using the company’s laser cutter. Then he powder coated them purple, the commonly recognized “no hunting here” color.  They can be bent to mount on trees, posts or poles, and come with corner holes for gate or fence mounting. They really look good,  and  they send a clear message to anyone thinking of coming onto his property.

I Ordered Them Immediately. Want Some?

When I saw them, I immediately ordered some for my land. I feel these signs are something that my rural viewers might like as well, so I added them to my Tractor Fun Pages.  You can buy them singly, or in multiple packs for big savings.

You can order them here.

‎Protect your woodlot and property, prevent confrontations and dangerous situations by having your land posted. This can also help protect you, the landowner, from any unnecessary liability. This is the time of year to post these signs if you want to try to avoid problems in fall hunting seasons.

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