Manure Fork


Get rid of that pitchfork and save your back!  If you’re wanting to clean up manure or waste hay from your barn lot, here’s the tool to do it.  Available in 72’ or 80’ widths, skid-loader compatible, John Deere 400/500, Deere 600/700 and worldwide “Euro” (Global) quick attach configurations, these American-built manure fork frames feature German built JR-39 tines for maximum durability.   Make your barnyard cleanup quick and easy with the ManureBOSS forks!

We needed a manure fork and didn’t know it existed!

With a wife and daughter who have brought quite a few horses onto our place, we eventually hit the inevitable…manure. Using a muck rake to clean out a dry lot is extremely painstaking work. Thankfully, I found ManureBOSS forks.

This quick attach implement has made life a breeze! I often think back to my childhood when my dad and I would clear out dirty, stamped down hay from the cattle lot, and manure from the cattle stalls. It would take all summer. Man, would he have loved this product. With easy quick attach and proven durability, the ManureBOSS forks are a real lifesaver.

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Skid Loader, John Deere 400-500, JohnDeere 600-700, Worldwide Euro (Global) Quick Attach

72", 80"


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