Tractor Loader Quick Attach Replacement John Deere 265

  • Tractor Loader Quick Attach Replacement John Deere 265 replaces original equipment.
  • Skid-steer compatible
  • Easy installation and exact fit after factory quick attach plate is removed
  • Heavier construction than original face plate
  • Weight of face plate is 194 lbs
  • Allow 10-14 weeks for production if kit is not in stock and 3-4 days for delivery



  • Do not exceed operating capacity of loader or tractor


Tractor Loader Quick Attach Replacement John Deere 265

All quick attach kits require up to 10-14 weeks to build and ship due to Covid-related issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.


If you have a John Deere tractor with a 265 loader with a damaged or inoperable quick attach system, this is the kit for you! It replaces the factory face plate on any Deere 265 front end loader.  This kit gives you a heavier-built skid loader compatible faceplate at less money than a replacement from JD and easily mounts with existing pins.


QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Both the framework and loader mounts are constructed of heavy gauge steel to ensure that the quick attach will last the life of your loader. Two spring-loaded, over-center latches hold attachments firmly in place on the loader. The latching pins are hardened and tapered for easy operation and long life.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION: Installation is simple. The quick attach mounts directly to loader arms and cylinders, replacing the original faceplate.

QUICK AND EASY: The Tach-All™ quick attach is an innovative bracket for tractor loaders that allows attachment changes to be made quickly and easily. Just unlatch the quick attach, and back out of one attachment or bucket; drive into another one, pick it up, latch the handles and go – just like a skid-steer loader.

SKID STEER COMPATIBILITY: This bracket is named the Tach-All quick attach for a reason. It allows you to use various attachments that you may already have in your fleet. Swap attachments with most of the current models of skid steer loaders – a benefit that can save you hundreds of dollars.

Additional information

Weight 234 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 44 × 24 in


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