Please Note: Many of the Mini Grapple Rakes may require as long as 60 days or more to build and ship due to supply chain issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.

Mini Grapple Rake For John Deere Compact Tractors


Features include :

  • 48” Opening, 50” Wide
  • Only Weighs 241 lbs
  • Hoses, Couplers, and Quick Attach Brackets Included
  • Reinforced Rake Tines (End Tines are Double Reinforced)
  • Double Grapples
  • Recommended for up to 40hp John Deere Tractors
  • 47″ Supply Lines & Your Choice of Pioneer Couplers Included

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This mini grapple rake for John Deere tractors is perfect for Deere compacts with less than 40 horsepower.

It weighs in at only 241 lbs, which allows you to pick up more, while the large 48” opening closes tight to securely hold small or large loads. Concealed cylinders and hydraulics are protected and won’t snag on limbs and brush.

All pivot points are greased for long lasting wear, and the 9” and 10” spacing between rake tines allows the operator to sift the dirt while raking both small and large material. Each tine is reinforced for extra strength, and the end tines are double reinforced.

Every Mini Grapple Rake includes 47″ supply lines, with your choice of Pioneer Coupler sizes, Double Grapples & John Deere Quick Attach Brackets.

Additional information

Weight 281 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 50 × 48 in


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