NOTE: Due to Covid-related issues and unusual demand, this heavy duty quick attach kit requires up to 14 weeks to build and ship. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times. These kits are generally not in stock and have to be specially built.

If you have an Allied or FarmKing 180 front end loader with a pin-on bucket and would like to convert it to skid loader compatible universal quick attach, here’s your kit!  With this two piece conversion, simply remove the old bucket and install the Quick Fit face plate with the pins supplied.  Then you’ll need to remove the pin mounts from the old bucket and weld the new quick attach female bracket on the bucket.  As easy as that, your front end loader is now quick attach and will accept any attachment that fits a skid loader by simply raising two levers.  It’s the absolute best improvement you can make to a front end loader.

The HLA Quick Fit Plate is rated at 3500 lb. lift capacity, has spring-loaded over-center locks and is ideal for many models of tractor.  An added features is the inclusion of new pins with every kit.

If you want to be able to easily change between multiple attachments on your front end loader, The Universal Skidsteer Quick Fit Plate is the perfect choice!

Allied 180 Front End Loader Quick Attach Conversion Kit


Please Note: Many of the Quick Attach Kits may require as long as 60 days or more to build and ship due to supply chain issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce future lead times.

Allied or FarmKing 180 Front End Loader


  • 3500 lbs. rated capacity
  • Compatible to universal skid steer attachments
  • Spring-loaded over-center lever lock
  • Comes complete with new pins
  • Includes standard duty weld-on bracket to convert bucket to quick attach
  • Ideal for compact to mid-size loaders
  • Approximate weight of face plate: 135 lbs.

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Additional information

Weight 185 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 52 × 10 in


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