Lube-Shuttle Pistol Grip Grease Gun WITH MoS2 PREMIUM MOLY GREASE


  • Lube-Shuttle Pistol Grip Grease Gun makes changing grease cartridges a clean job
  • No losses of grease while hanging on the wall
  • Has a WORKING pressure of 4300 PSI!
  • Zinc plated steel tube is corrosion resistant
  • The high pressure nylon hose has a 14,450 PSI burst pressure rating
  • Great for farm applications, construction equipment, fleets, cities and municipalities
  • No air gaps
  • No spring and plunger assembly to mash fingers
  • High pressure system delivers grease to areas where cheap third world built “farm store” grease guns fail to reach.
  • Reusable and recyclable cartridges.
  • Made in Germany.

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Lube Shuttle solves all of the problems of traditional grease guns! With no plunger, when the tube is ready to change you unscrew the old one, push out grease with the plunger in the bottom of the new tube, screw it in and you’re ready to go. It’s that simple! It won’t ooze grease because there’s not pressure in there until you crank the handle, and then there’s a LOT of pressure.

The plunger and the premium components inside put out over 4300 pounds of pressure, pulling the grease out of the tube and forcing it to the bearings. Because of that pressure, it’ll put grease in places that those cheap, third-world farm store grease guns won’t get. So your equipment will last longer!

Grease for Lube Shuttle is comparably priced with what you’re using now, and the grease canisters are plastic and recyclable.

The product has been available in Europe for a number of years and is just now arriving in the North American market. After using this grease delivery system, you’ll NEVER go back to the old style grease gun. It’s literally a product that will change your attitude about equipment maintenance, especially if you use a lot of grease.

By choosing this selection you can order with it the Air-Tec MoS2, which contains 3% molybdenum disulfide and is a lithium-based, multi purpose grease, providing excellent wear and pressure protection. This grease should be utilized for high stress wheel and friction bearings found in heavy construction equipment, and industrial machines. MoS2 features corrosion inhibitors, polymers for exceptional metal adhesion, and anti-oxidant additives making it a great choice for high temperature and extreme pressure applications.

Lube Shuttle MoS2 is the heavy hitter when it comes to multi-purpose grease. Made with a medium weight base oil for extra durability. The 3% moly additive will take high pressures and extreme punishment, especially in the pins and bushings.  Specification for MoS2 are below:

Technical Data 

Base Viscosity 155 mm²/ (40°C)
Temperature Range -30 +130°C (266°F)
DIN 51502 KPF 2 K-30

“Last week I ordered your Lube-Shuttle Pistol Grease Gun & 10 tubes. I already have a Lock&Lube tip. I was a bit apprehensive due to the cost. But today I lubed my riding mower. What an improvement! The Lube-Shuttle is worth every penny.” -Mike R, “The Other Mike”

Additional information

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