• Adapts Kubota loader models LA1251, LA1301 & LA1601 with semi quick attach bucket to allow skid loader compatibility
  • Allows the use of skid steer-type attachments
  • Weight 103 lbs.
  • Maximum Capacity 3,500 lbs.*
  • Shipped less pins (use existing pins)




*Note: Maximum capacity is that of the adapter bracket. Do not exceed it or loader/tractor operating lift capacity.

This is an attachment carrier only. Do not use for back dragging.

Kubota LA1251-LA1301-LA1601 Front End Loader to Skid Steer Quick Attach Adapter


If you have a Kubota tractor with an LA1251, LA1301 & LA1601 series front end loader with the Kubota semi-mount quick attach system and wish you could use skid loader compatible attachments, this is the kit for you! It converts Kubota LA1251, LA1301 & LA1601 loaders with semi-quick attach buckets to allow the use of skid steer-compatible attachments. In other words, with this kit on the front of your tractor, any attachment that mounts to a skid loader can now mount to your tractor. It opens up a whole new world of versatility! If you want to mount skid loader compatible pallet forks, or a bale spike, or a snowblower on your tractor, all you have to do is attach this bracket to your front end loader, pull up a couple of levers and you can change attachments in seconds.



Please note: this kit is shipped without pins, you’ll need to save and use your existing loader pins to mount it. Also, always check to make sure aftermarket attachments are within the recommended lift capacity of your tractor and front end loader before purchasing.

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Additional information

Weight 158 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 44 × 24 in


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