Euro/Global EURO-TACH Quick Attach Conversion Ford, 7411, 7412, 7412HD, 7413 & 7511 Front-End Loader


Please Note: Many of the Quick Attach Kits may require as long as 60 days or more to build and ship due to supply chain issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working with the factory to reduce lead times.


  • Single lever Euro/Global quick attach faceplate
  • Makes tractors compatible with all Euro/Global quick attach implements
  • ISO 23206 standard with 25-degree backsheet angle
  • Heavy duty construction
  • More lift capacity than standard skid loader/universal quick attach systems
  • American made
  • Includes a set of plate steel weld-on brackets to convert bucket to Euro/Global system (Shipped unpainted)

If you have a Ford, 7411, 7412, 7412HD, 7413 or 7511 front-end loader and would like to be able to convert it to the Euro/Global quick attach system, this is the kit for you!  With this kit you can convert any Ford, 7411, 7412, 7412HD, 7413 or 7511 loader with a pin-on quick attach system to the new Euro/Global system and remove and change attachments easily.   The Euro-Tach makes tractors compatible with the Global quick attach and features a one handle horizontal latching system.  It features an ISO 23206 design with a 25 degree backsheet angle to fit most attachments.  It’s a heavy duty, American built quick attach that is guaranteed to fit the applications listed.  The kit includes a set of two weld-on female Euro brackets, you can order additional sets of weld-on brackets in the cart at checkout.

If you want to modernize your tractor and open up a new world of attachment options, the Euro-Tach Quick Attach is for you!


QUICK AND EASY-The Euro-Tach™ quick attach is an innovative bracket for tractor front-end loaders that allows attachment changes to be made quickly and easily. Just unlatch the quick attach with the single lever, and back out of one attachment or bucket; drive into another one, pick it up, latch the handle and go – quick and easy!

EURO-GLOBAL COMPATIBILITY This bracket is named the Euro-Tach for a reason. It allows you to use various attachments that you may already have in your fleet. Swap attachments with most of the current models of large tractors with the Euro/Global hookup – a benefit that can save you hundreds of dollars.

ADDED VERSATILITY A quick attach on your loader allows you to do much more than just move dirt. Now your loader can be a versatile tool carrier. Pallet forks, snow blades, tree diggers, bale spears, grapples, scarifiers, three-point hitch adapters, and manure forks are just some of the attachments that you can use on your loader. Using more attachments, allows your loader to perform a wider variety of jobs. This gives you the ability to become more profitable.

ADDS MANEUVERABILITY The quick attach is not only helpful in what it can take on, but also in what it can take off. The loader bucket can be quickly removed to reduce the space needed to maneuver the tractor. When you need your bucket again it can be re-installed quickly.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION The quick attach mounts directly to loader arms and cylinders, replacing the original bucket. It is available for many tractor loaders. No special pins or modifications to the loader are necessary. A weld-on, set of female Euro plates can convert the original bucket to accommodate the quick attach.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Both the framework and loader mounts are constructed of heavy gauge steel to ensure that the quick attach will last the life of your loader. A single latch holds attachments firmly in place on the loader. The latching pins are hardened for long life.

Additional information

Weight 305 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 15 × 10 in


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