• Converts John Deere front end loader models 70 or 70A with pin-on bucket to the Deere 300 & 400 series quick attach system
  • Standard duty attachment plates to weld to existing bucket (after pin brackets are removed) included
  • Allows the use of Deere 300 & 400 series loader attachments
  • Weight of face plate is 78 lbs. (painted green)
  • Weight of Deere attachment plates is 45 lbs. (ships unpainted)
  • Allow 5-8 weeks for production if kit is not in stock and 3-4 days for delivery



  • Do not exceed operating capacity of loader or tractor


Deere 70 & 70A Front End Loader Pin-on to Deere 300/400 Series “Hook & Pin” Conversion


If you have a John Deere tractor with a 70 or 70A front end loader with a pin-on bucket and wish you could have the Deere “hook & pin” quick attach system so you could change attachments, this is the kit for you! It converts Deere 70 or 70A loaders with pin-on buckets to allow the use of Deere 300 & 400 series-compatible attachments. In other words, with this kit on the front of your tractor, any attachment that mounts to a Deere 300 or 400 series loader can now mount to your tractor. It opens up a whole new world of versatility! This kit does require changing the brackets on your loader bucket to quick attach, by cutting off the pin-style mounts and welding a new set of attachment plates (included in this kit) on the bucket, which any welding shop should be able to complete. Once installed you’ll be able to effortlessly switch between front loader attachments and remove them if they’re in the way.


ADDS MANEUVERABILITY The quick attach is not only helpful in what it can take on, but also in what it can take off. The loader bucket can be quickly removed to reduce the space needed to maneuver the tractor. When you need your bucket again it can be re-installed quickly.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION Installation is simple. The quick attach mounts directly to loader arms and cylinders, replacing the original bucket. It is available for most compact tractor loaders. No special pins or modifications to the loader are necessary. Weld-on, attachment plates convert the original bucket to accommodate the quick attach.

QUALITY CONSTRUCTION Both the framework and loader mounts are constructed of heavy gauge steel to ensure that the quick attach will last the life of your loader.

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Additional information

Weight 168 lbs
Dimensions 54 × 44 × 24 in


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