AirTec Li400 Extreme Duty Grease (Case of 10 Tubes)


Li400 is the flagship grease from AirTec. It may well be the best and most versatile grease you can buy.

Thickened with Lithium complex and reinforced with Micro Ceramic, Li400’s performance under extreme temperatures and pressures puts it in a class of its own.  The secret to Li400’s performance comes from its dual lubricity technology as it utilizes both wet and dry lubrication.  This proprietary combination results in excellent long term metal adhesion and extended wear protection.   Whether you are greasing an UTV that sees use in the desert or a mine truck that sees peak high and low temperatures, Li400 will provide the protection you need.

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AirTec Grease:  Li400 Extreme Duty

Comparison to other AirTec Greases

The AirTec family of lubricants features many different types of greases ranging from standard multi-purpose greases to highly specialized ceramic additive greases.  They cover a wide range of base oil weights, thickeners, and temperature ranges and out of all the greases,  LI400 is the top performing grease in terms of temperature rating and wear protection.  It features a heavier base oil than the G200, which gives it better durability in high use/heavy applications.  Li400 uses a lithium complex thickener, micro ceramic additives, and a medium base oil viscosity in tandem with a specialized polymer for maximum adhesion.

Base Oil Vis. (40°C)


Temperature Range
-30°C to +160°C (-22°F to +320°F)

Drop Temperature
280°C (535°F)

DIN 51502


-Best Extreme Protection Grease

-Premium Lithium Complex Thickener

-Micro Ceramic additives easily handle Extreme Pressure

-Ag equipment
-Marine Applications
-Heavy Construction Machines
-Industrial Machines
-Recreation Machines

If you want the absolute most protection that money can buy, get Air-Tec Li400!

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 6 in


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