Lube Shuttle NO-MESS Electric AccuGreaser WITH Li400 High Temp/Ultra Performance GREASE


  • Lube-Shuttle Grease threaded cartridges keep greasing a clean job!
  • Produces up to 8500 PSI using a powerful DC drive motor
  • Highest quality steel tube with corrosion-resistant zinc plating
  • 500mm high pressure nylon hose with 23,900 PSI burst pressure
  • Won’t seep out grease in storage
  • Perfect for farm equipment, construction applications, cities and municipalities, and anyone who doesn’t like to be covered with grease!
  • No air gap, no spring/plunger assembly
  • Comes with Lube Shuttle Electric Grease Gun, one or two 18V batteries, hose, and 4 jaw coupler
  • High pressure system delivers grease to areas where cheap third world built “farm store” grease guns fail to reach
  • Reusable and recyclable cartridges
  • Made in Germany

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If you do a lot of greasing of equipment, an electric grease gun is the way to go.  It makes the job a lot less strain on your body by eliminating pumping a either a pistol grip or a lever.  It looks like a cordless drill, pull the trigger and a steady flow of grease comes out. Couple that with the Lube Shuttle system with threaded grease tubes that are quick and simple to change, and you’ve taken all of the hassle out of greasing equipment.  If you ever try this system, you’ll never go back…this is the easiest and cleanest method of grease delivery on the planet, SECOND TO NONE!!!

The product has been available in Europe for a number of years and is just now arriving in the North American market. The 18v battery powered AccuGreaser is built with German precision engineering for long life and powerful grease delivery.  Best of all, there’s NO MESS when changing grease cartridges!

By choosing this application, you are selecting AirTec’s Premium Li400 High Temp/Ultra Performance Grease.  AirTec’s Li400 is the flagship grease of the AirTec Brand and is designed for maximum protection.  The foundation of Li400 is a medium weight base oil that is great for both low and high-speed applications and it is thickened with lithium complex, which gives it excellent thermal stability.

However, the exceptional performance of Li400 comes from the proprietary micro-ceramic additive from Wagner/AirTec.  The micro-ceramic additive used in Li400 is able to withstand extreme pressure loads and temperatures beyond the dropping point of the grease, but the advantages continue to include outstanding wear reduction and protection.


-Highest Performing AirTec Grease
-Premium Lithium Complex Thickener
-Micro-Ceramic Additives for Extreme Pressure Use

-High and low speed bearings
-Light duty and severe duty pins and bushings
-Slideways and open surface lubrication points
-Needle bearings, roller bearings, wheel bearings, and chassis points
-Replaces having to have multiple greases.  Great low and high temp protection

Technical Data

Thickener: Lithium Complex
Color: Cream
NLGI-Grades:  2
Operating temperature for long-term lubrication: -30 to +160 °C
Drop point: 280 °C
Base oil: Mineral Oil w/ ceramic additive
Base oil viscosity (40 °C): Approx. 220 mm²/s

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 5 in


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