• 2500 lb lift capacity
  • Skid loader compatible quick attach
  • Quality construction with American-built frame, German-built spikes
  • 49″ Super Penetrating spears
  • Full frame grill guard designed for tractor applications for maximum protection
  • Strong, but light, to maximize available tractor lift capacity
  • FREE FREIGHT when ordered with quick attach conversion

Double Spike Tractor Bale Fork


All bale forks may look alike, but they’re not.  Some are built in third world countries and have all the strength of a wet noodle.  This bale fork frame is American built, the spears are from Germany and it’s a high quality spear designed to last a lifetime.  Many of the cheaper bale spears have spikes that are made in China, and they can be bent.  This set is strong…but light, so as not to take up all the tractor’s lift capacity.  They’re designed specifically for a tractor, unlike the “walk trough” designs that have a gap in the top of the frame, these have a full grill for added strength and protection.  They’re flat on the top so you can tell from the tractor seat if the forks are level and the 49″ spears will work on both 4′ and 5′ wide bales.  Order with a skid loader quick attach conversion and these Double Front Loader Spears will ship freight free to your door!

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Additional information

Weight250 lbs
Dimensions49 × 32 × 46 in


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