The Gator Tree Puller

The Gator Tree Puller “Because sometimes it just feels better to yank the whole tree out of the ground; roots and all!” A Tree Puller Versus a Tree Shear A  tool that I find really handy around my place is a tree puller, a device that goes on front of the tractor. You must have…

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Hydraulic Valve Converter For Adding Implements

Hydraulic Valve Converter Kit: Add Implements to Your Tractor A hydraulic valve converter kit is a must if you’re planning to add attachments to your tractor but lack the hydraulic ports to power their cylinders. Our hydraulic diverter valve kit allows you to easily add implements like a front loader grapple or tree shear. And…

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Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops


 Tractor Loader Cylinder Safety Stops Are Worth Every Penny! Tractor loader cylinder safety stops are a terrific safety device, are easy to install, and worth the modest investment. If you’ve watched my videos for a while, you’ll know safety’s always a big concern here at At Tractor Mike. Servicing a tractor is always a…

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