Fenceline Spraying -Yes or No?

Do I Need to Spray My Fenceline? Fenceline spraying seems to be a debatable issue. There are some who say it’s essential. These folks are concerned that when tall weeds and grass touch an electric fence it can cause a drain. They also point to the fact that the constant charge will cause a burned…

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Seven Reasons to Winterize Your Sprayer

Seven Reasons to Winterize Your 3 Point Hitch Spray Like all your expensive farm equipment, your three point hitch sprayer needs to be maintained so it is ready to work when you are. And, of course, proper routine maintenance means your sprayer will last longer. You’ll avoid the cracking and other problems that happen when…

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Do I Need to Store My Equipment Inside?

tractor inside machine barn

   Do I Need to Store My Equipment Inside? I recently got a question from Robert about storing his equipment inside.  He has a disk that’s stored in a lean-to outbuilding, and he’s noticing that it’s getting rust on the blades. He asked if he should he be doing something different with it, as…

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